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Power Objects — Gen­eral Infor­ma­tion

Power objects cre­ated per­son­ally by Sri Kalesh­war dur­ing his last visit to the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter in Lay­tonville. He said at the time that future stu­dents would need them. We are offer­ing sev­eral types of power objects — spe­cial rudrak­sha beads, Shiva lingams, jew­elry & gem­stones, and other holy objects. Sup­plies of all are lim­ited.

With the bless­ings of Sri Kalesh­war we are offer­ing these power objects:

1. Rudrak­shas Charged by Sri Kalesh­war

Cer­tain spe­cial rudrak­shas are nat­u­rally occur­ring power objects, and can be ‘charged’ with cos­mic energy dur­ing japa med­i­ta­tion and other sad­hanas. These rudrak­shas are said to be an expres­sion of Shiva’s love and com­pas­sion for human­ity. Sim­ply wear­ing them has heal­ing and puri­fy­ing effects. Sri Kalesh­war said, “The rudrak­shas are seeds of power. With spe­cial rudrak­shas (you) will get con­trol of the illu­sions dis­turb­ing your life. Any­thing, what­ever you want, the nature will flow and give it to you.” read more

2. Jew­erly and Gem­stones Charged by Sri Kalesh­war

3. Shiva Lingams Charged by Sri Kalesh­war

4. Murthis Charged by Sri Kaleshwar

5. Power Objects Connnect­ing to Power Spots

  • New! Shiva-​Shakti power object small rudrak­sha japa malas from Pashu­pati­nath Tem­ple in Kath­mandu blessed at Lake Man­asarovar blessed at Lake Man­asarovar. Includes Spe­cial Process to Con­nect to Lake Man­asarovar power spot.
  • Shiva-​Shakti power object from Lake Man­asarovar. Includes Spe­cial Process to Con­nect to Lake Man­asarovar power spot.
  • Shiva-​Shakti power object large five-​eye rudrak­sha from Pashu­pati­nath Tem­ple in Kath­mandu blessed at Lake Man­asarovar. Includes Spe­cial Process to Con­nect to Lake Man­asarovar power spot.

6. Soul Object Charged by Sri Kalesh­war

“What are the ben­e­fits of hav­ing a soul object? It makes your Brahma Con­scious­ness strong, strong, strong. If you don’t have your soul object in your life, it’s very dif­fi­cult to pro­tect your soul to not get dis­turbed with the crazy envi­ron­ment of illu­sions and crazy vibra­tions.

Once you have a soul object, you will never get depressed. You’ll win all the blocks. There’s no chance the illu­sions can play around you. No chance. Who­ever has a soul object, their spir­i­tu­al­ity is 99% per­cent done. That is a stan­dard law.” –Sri Kalesh­war read more

7. Crys­tal Cross

Dur­ing Sri Kaleshwar’s life, he had a crys­tal cross power object which he kept in his liv­ing room which was deeply cher­ished and sacred to him. Over the years, he gave instruc­tions that the cross was to be buried with him, placed on his chest when he was laid to rest in his final mahasamadhi. This was the last act before his body was buried. These Crys­tal cross power objects were charged fol­low­ing Sri Kaleshwar’s direc­tions .



Ala­hala Lingam

“Your soul object is a part of an unbe­liev­able energy to give bless­ings and heal­ings to the globe and help take out pain from a lot of peo­ple. Once you have the soul object, it means you have your knife to go to the bat­tle­field of the illu­sions. It’s pretty good done. You know how to fight the illu­sions.” read more…

—Sri Kalesh­war

Christmas03Baba-250pxShirdi Baba with the Crys­tal Cross

“You might think, ‘Why do I need a Power Object?’ If you want to cross the river, you need a small boat with a small stick or a lit­tle branch. It’s one hun­dred per­cent nec­es­sary… Power objects are one of the short­est, short­est, short­est meth­ods to con­nect with high divine souls like Shirdi Baba and Jesus and to Shiva and Shakti, the Mother and Father, very, very, very eas­ily.” read more

—Sri Kalesh­war


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