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Les­son 1: The Road to Enlight­en­ment

From the Teach­ings of Sri Kalesh­war*


What is meant by shak­ti­pat? Why only touch this spot, the third eye? That is the cen­ter point of spir­i­tu­al­ity; it’s the spir­i­tual cen­ter point. It’s the spir­i­tual eye. That eye is always cre­at­ing dif­fer­ent kinds of karmic illu­sions because it’s totally cov­ered with dark­ness. That light in the third eye is very pow­er­ful. Even though it’s very pow­er­ful, big dark­ness is cov­er­ing all around it. Shak­ti­pat means to remove the dark­ness of that eye with your energy. To make it clear to see. Then you can see every­thing and can rec­og­nize what is the energy, what is the truth, what is really hap­pen­ing. Just remov­ing the dark­ness, that’s called shak­ti­pat.

The Vedic tra­di­tion says there is no way, it’s highly impos­si­ble, for 90% of the peo­ple to receive mok­sha imme­di­ately. They have to do hard work. Sup­pose there is a book, the knowl­edge, the infor­ma­tion, the mas­ter can teach and can make you read it to learn. Then the stu­dent must do the hard work to get the infor­ma­tion from the book. Like that, by giv­ing shak­ti­pat, he can make oth­ers to see and show the path, the dif­fer­ent angles to reach God. Then it’s nec­es­sary that the stu­dent must do hard work to reach that des­ti­na­tion. Any saint, 99% all, did hard work.

If a per­son gets enlight­en­ment, if that per­son has some more infor­ma­tion in his hands, in his brain, and shares the God energy and the God infor­ma­tion with another person…if he shares the knowl­edge with a friend who has no idea, it brings him a lot of energy. If you keep it to your­self like, ‘No, it’s pri­vate, it’s mine, I don’t want to leak this idea,’ if you make your­self self­ish, it’s very dif­fi­cult to grow your­self up. If you share what­ever God infor­ma­tion you received in your life with the peo­ple, it brings you much energy.

Sup­pose you are a can­dle, a beau­ti­ful daz­zling light. You must make a lot of can­dles, how­ever many you can. When you make that, then you’re feel­ing the real hap­pi­ness. If you’re not mak­ing that, you can’t taste the real hap­pi­ness of what you have, what it really is. Every­body must share spir­i­tu­al­ity how­ever much they can. They must. Whether it’s per­fect or not – every­thing is good. Spir­i­tu­al­ity is good. If you share, it’s very good progress to reach to enlightenment.

* As ren­dered by Monika of Penukonda, Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Center


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