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Les­son 2: The First Stage of Enlightenment —

Open­ing of Your Energy Chan­nels

From the Teach­ings of Sri Kalesh­war*

What is enlight­en­ment? When you rec­og­nize your­self, who you are, where you came from, where you’re going, and what is your duty on this planet. If you receive the per­fect infor­ma­tion about that, that is called enlight­en­ment. Then you don’t care about any­thing in the uni­verse. You don’t care about God because you know who you are – Aham Brah­masmi, every­thing is God.

Is God great? Everybody’s a God, every­one is a child of the cos­mic energy, every­one is the purity of the Divine, pure Divine. Every soul is a holy soul, a pure crys­tal pos­i­tive energy. When we can wash all our neg­a­tiv­ity, dif­fer­ent illu­sions, when we can wash our­selves, we can rec­og­nize who we are, then auto­mat­i­cally you will rec­og­nize you’re the purity.

When your energy is reach­ing a higher level, higher level, higher level then finally you see your­self for the first time. You rec­og­nize your­self for the first time. The first moment when you rec­og­nize your­self, when you rec­og­nize the whole cre­ation, when you rec­og­nize the nature of God – that first shot, the first expe­ri­ence is called mok­sha.

The Vedic tra­di­tion says dif­fer­ent things about what is mok­sha. Sup­pose my heart is very, very eager to see Baba. I waited ten years to take his dar­shan, to talk to him. Like really my heart, my energy, I tried to climb, climb, climb. I destroyed my illu­sion. I destroyed my dark­ness. I destroyed all my anger, depres­sion. I destroyed every­thing then I climbed. Finally I got him. Then he came and I saw, ‘He’s sim­ple.’ When you reach that stage, he’s high and you are also high, ‘Oh I reached the same height.’ To have that expe­ri­ence with your energy, to be with God, that first moment, that first sit­u­a­tion when you open your chan­nels. The open­ing of all your energy, that’s moksha.

Peo­ple have spo­ken of only one type of enlight­en­ment. It’s ok, that is one idea. It’s good but to say it’s complete…no. Here, every­body got enlight­en­ment. I need to explain what that is. It’s a very del­i­cate, sen­si­tive mat­ter. Every­body has that energy but how to rec­og­nize that, how to hook that, and how to uti­lize that? It’s so important.

Some peo­ple have been med­i­tat­ing and med­i­tat­ing and med­i­tat­ing ten years, fif­teen years, ‘Oh I did huge med­i­ta­tion many years, noth­ing hap­pened. I didn’t get any enlight­en­ment.’ I don’t agree with that med­i­ta­tion and those teach­ings. Sorry, it’s my karma not to have much com­mand­ing on the Eng­lish power. I’ll study. If I had good words to use in Eng­lish, it’s really a beau­ti­ful sub­ject in Swami’s mind. Only 10% I’m using. It’s impos­si­ble to talk. In Tel­ugu 10 hours, 15 hours I’m talk­ing, like an ocean about maya. We can talk on the illu­sion ten hours. Just on the illu­sion, like where it comes from, how it comes, how it links to you, how it makes you con­fused, and at the time how you can really han­dle it, how it shakes you, what type of dan­gers it cre­ates, and how you can remove that. All tech­niques the Vedas indi­cate are huge. You don’t need all that.

Today you have the energy, every­body is receiv­ing it. How to rec­og­nize that? How to use that prop­erly? I’m going to talk on that clearly, to be very help­ful. You need to con­trol three key things to grow the energy:

  • One, not rec­og­niz­ing your energy. Everybody’s med­i­tat­ing, med­i­tat­ing, med­i­tat­ing, suck­ing the energy but not rec­og­niz­ing how much energy you have with you.
  • Two, self-​doubt which is cre­at­ing a lack of con­fi­dence. Even though you have the energy, you’re cre­at­ing self doubts, ‘Really, do I have the energy? Maybe somebody’s just say­ing that.’ Cre­at­ing doubts on your­self. Mak­ing less self-​confidence.
  • Three, grow­ing ego­ism. When many peo­ple are get­ting much relief from your heal­ings, after they get relief, then your ego­ism is auto­mat­i­cally ris­ing up. ‘I’m the boss.’ Even if someone’s says some­thing to you like, “No, you shouldn’t do this, it’s not good.” You’re say­ing, “Hey, you’re noth­ing in front of me. I have some thou­sands of stu­dents. I’m a mas­ter. You know more than me?” Ego­ism, proud­ness, igno­rance. That really destroys.

Who com­pletely con­trols these three things will be very, very suc­cess­ful in the uni­verse. Every­body here has huge energy but how to rec­og­nize that energy and the symp­toms. It’s a very del­i­cate, sen­si­tive sub­ject. Very sensitive.

* As ren­dered by Monika of Penukonda, Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Center


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