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Cra­dled in Love and Ten­der­ness by Shirdi Baba

Arti­cle by William Song from New Spirit Jour­nal, Novem­ber 2014


What would it mean for human­ity if we now had pho­tographs of Jesus or Bud­dha taken when they were alive so that we could see their faces, or had words that they had writ­ten about their own lives?

These pho­tographs and words would be charged with trans­for­ma­tive sacred energy, the love and con­scious­ness of a divine being. Time and space would pose no bar­rier to the price­less imma­nent grace such objects would hold.

As an act of love in extreme times, divine pres­ence man­i­fests into human form to guide human­ity toward love, com­pas­sion and inner peace, their spirit too large to be con­tained within the stric­tures of any given exist­ing belief sys­tem. Mother Mary, Jesus, and Bud­dha are exam­ples of the high­est call­ing of lives lived for the wel­fare of oth­ers, lives that expanded what was known to be pos­si­ble for other human beings.

In com­ing years, Shirdi Sai Baba will become known as such a being, rec­og­nized glob­ally for the inclu­sive con­scious­ness that he embod­ied. In times of polar­iz­ing divi­sions among peo­ples and major reli­gions, the pro­found life and mir­a­cle energy of this hum­ble saint, in bring­ing together peo­ple of many dif­fer­ent faiths, will serve as light and truth upon seem­ingly intractable igno­rance, divi­sions, and fears. The story of his life, the Sri Sai Satchar­i­tra, intro­duces Shirdi Baba to many in Amer­ica who know lit­tle or noth­ing about him, and a mod­ern Eng­lish trans­la­tion of it is now widely avail­able for the first time.

The promise that Baba made before pass­ing from his body in 1918 is that he would be for­ever present to those call­ing him for peace from pain and suf­fer­ing. He was so fully real­ized in his being that there is high shakti (sacred energy) in his pho­to­graph and words, or in invok­ing his name by even sim­ply call­ing, “Sai, Sai.” His eter­nal con­scious­ness cra­dles us in a love and ten­der­ness that is so real that his grace is here even in the con­text of the com­plex­ity, noise and chaos of life in con­tem­po­rary Amer­ica.


Baba lived most of his life in a tiny rural vil­lage in India. Today his bur­ial site is one of the most vis­ited holy sites in that entire coun­try, draw­ing peo­ple of many faiths and nation­al­i­ties who wit­ness his con­tin­u­ing liv­ing pres­ence. His rel­e­vance to us in 2014 in the West is beyond imag­in­ing. Liv­ing for decades in an aban­doned tem­ple, beg­ging daily for his food, orphaned at birth, with no rel­a­tives or fam­ily name, he epit­o­mized a being unat­tached to iden­tity and embody­ing ulti­mate spir­i­tual truth. No one knew his spe­cific reli­gion, yet every encounter he had with per­sons or ani­mals is an expres­sion of the mir­a­cle energy of divine con­scious­ness. He was omni­scient as to minute details of the lives of all who come before him, he healed incur­able dis­eases, blessed bar­ren cou­ples with chil­dren, brought peace of mind and heart to count­less peo­ple. Those who came to reveal him as a fraud, came away hum­bled and awed.

And so very impor­tant to our times of fear and sus­pi­cion, he brought har­mony and trust among Hin­dus, Mus­lims, and those of other reli­gious faiths through­out his life, stat­ing that all reli­gions are one in attempt­ing to express God. He made no dis­tinc­tions regard­ing reli­gion, caste. or gen­der. One of his clos­est atten­dants was a leper. When com­ing into Baba’s pres­ence, many who wor­shipped dif­fer­ent gurus or gods saw their sacred being rather than the phys­i­cal form of Sai Baba, reveal­ing his truth that all saints are one. Who­ever came to him with devo­tion and a pure heart he accepted with joy, what­ever their faith. The car­ing, love, and sweet­ness he emanated was so pro­found that those before him called him Mother, Father. His life is a tes­ta­ment to how one’s very being is the most effec­tive way to share with oth­ers the inde­scrib­able bliss of spir­i­tual union… Read the full arti­cle here

with love,

William Song

William-Bio3William Song is a prac­tic­ing lawyer, a grad­u­ate of the Uni­ver­sity of Penn­syl­va­nia Law School. William began study­ing with Sri Kalesh­war in 2006 and has been teach­ing the sacred med­i­ta­tion chan­nels for sev­eral years. Vis­it­ing the Samadhi tem­ple of Shirdi Sai Baba in India altered his life pro­foundly. He and his wife, Patri­cia, have been shar­ing the ancient knowl­edge, and con­duct­ing new and full moon out­door fire pujas each month at their home in Seat­tle, WA. William’s focus now is as a painter to bring heal­ing energy to the world through his art. Con­tact him at www​.william​-song​.com

Being with Shirdi Sai Baba

By William Song, Octo­ber 3, 2014 Inau­gu­ra­tion, Shirdi Sai Baba Tem­ple

Read­ing the Sri Sai Satchar­i­tra: An Act of Prayer at Baba’s Feet

by William Song, co-​editor of the new ren­der­ing of the Sri Sai Satcharitra

What would each of us not give to be able to be in the pres­ence of Baba and to speak to him? To have him speak to us? When one enters into this book deeply, that is exactly what is hap­pen­ing. You are with Baba. This book is alive. His con­scious­ness is in the words. And when you approach the book with still­ness you’re not approach­ing the book through men­tal activ­ity, rather you’re let­ting your entire body ener­get­i­cally absorb the life force of his words and the life force of con­scious­ness. Dur­ing these peri­ods of sus­tained immer­sion with the energy of the book, I really real­ized that to open your heart and to be with this book is lit­er­ally to be hav­ing your head at Baba’s feet. That you are lit­er­ally, imme­di­ately in his pres­ence, within his con­scious­ness and allow­ing his con­scious­ness to flood in, in place of your own egoic con­scious­ness and that is a state of pure bliss. more…

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William-SSS Sri Sai Satchar­i­tra

The Won­der­ful Life & Teach­ings of Shirdi Sai Baba

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“I will be with you, the moment you think of me, at any place.” –Shirdi Baba


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