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“Your soul object is a part of an unbe­liev­able energy to give bless­ings and heal­ings to the globe and help take out pain from a lot of peo­ple. Once you have the soul object, it means you have your knife to go to the bat­tle­field of the illu­sions. It’s pretty good done. You know how to fight the illu­sions.” read more…

—Sri Kalesh­war

“You might think, ‘Why do I need a Power Object?’ If you want to cross the river, you need a small boat with a small stick or a lit­tle branch. It’s one hun­dred per­cent nec­es­sary… Power objects are one of the short­est, short­est, short­est meth­ods to con­nect with high divine souls like Shirdi Baba and Jesus and to Shiva and Shakti, the Mother and Father, very, very, very eas­ily.” read more

—Sri Kalesh­war

Blessed Power Object & Soul Object Bags
Wear Your Power Objects and Soul Object with Con­fi­dence and Ease


Christmas03Baba-250px These bags are made with love and blessed with divine pro­tec­tion cir­cles keep­ing the safety and pro­tec­tion of your spe­cial objects in mind. Sewn into the lay­ers of fab­ric is a small piece of Shirdi Baba cloth worn by Shirdi Baba’s murthi in Penukonda, India adding to the divine energy of each unique bag.

Each bag is indi­vid­u­ally hand­crafted from the high­est qual­ity vel­vet, dou­ble stitched and hand strung with durable long-​lasting silken cord.

Sizes (WxH): Small (1.5″ x 2.25″), Large (2″ x 2.5″)

Bag Col­ors: red, blue, pur­ple

Silk Cord Col­ors: red, blue, pur­ple, gold

Clean­ing Instruc­tions: hand wash with mild soap, hang to dry.


Large $30

Small $25


Large $30

Small $25


Large $30

Small $25

All pro­ceeds go to sup­port Sai fam­ily youth.

Con­tact Us if you would like to request another silk cord color for your bag from the options listed above.


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