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2014Shivaratri Special Pujas

Gen­eral Infor­ma­tion

Soul Object Puja

Holy Yantra Pujas

Spe­cial Bless­ing Pujas

Power Object Pujas

Sri Kalesh­war Teachings

Blessed Power Object and Soul Object Bags

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Gen­eral Infor­ma­tion

We are very happy to offer sev­eral spe­cial pujas at the Dat­ta­treya Tem­ple at the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter. One cat­e­gory of puja is linked to receiv­ing a power object; another cat­e­gory is linked to receiv­ing a holy yantra and another is linked to receiv­ing spe­cial bless­ings.

Power Object Pujas

Holy Yantra (soul dia­gram) Pujas

Numer­ous yantras are being offered which can serve to:

  • Ful­fill soul desires
  • Bring pros­per­ity
  • Heal heart­break
  • Pro­vide the great­est pro­tec­tion cir­cles from neg­a­tive energy
  • Han­dle kaama, espe­cially sex­ual energy, in a pos­i­tive way
  • Pro­tect against neg­a­tive spir­its

Spe­cial Bless­ing Pujas

The impor­tance of Spe­cial Pujas, Power Objects and Holy Yantras

Spe­cial pujas, power objects and holy yantras are a pow­er­ful way to receive energy directly to your soul to bless you with spir­i­tual boons, to purify the effects of neg­a­tive kar­mas, and bring last­ing heal­ing. These bless­ings are pos­si­ble solely through the bless­ings of Sri Kalesh­war and the Divine Lin­eage of mas­ters.

Through­out his life, Sri Kalesh­war taught of the impor­tance of hav­ing power objects and charged yantras sur­round­ing us in our homes. Power objects and charged yantras are inte­gral to cre­at­ing pro­tec­tion cir­cles, main­tain­ing high divine vibra­tions in our lives, and pro­tect­ing us and our homes from neg­a­tive influ­ences and vibra­tions.

In order for this to be karmi­cally pos­si­ble, it is nec­es­sary to give dak­shina, an offer­ing that bal­ances the divine grace you are receiv­ing. The divine grace you are receiv­ing in these pujas are price­less gifts.



Sri Kalesh­war hold­ing the Ala­hala Lingam

“Your soul object is a part of an unbe­liev­able energy to give bless­ings and heal­ings to the globe and help take out pain from a lot of peo­ple. Once you have the soul object, it means you have your knife to go to the bat­tle­field of the illu­sions. It’s pretty good done. You know how to fight the illu­sions.” read more…

—Sri Kalesh­war

Christmas03Baba-250pxShirdi Baba with the Crys­tal Cross

“You might think, ‘Why do I need a Power Object?’ If you want to cross the river, you need a small boat with a small stick or a lit­tle branch. It’s one hun­dred per­cent nec­es­sary… Power objects are one of the short­est, short­est, short­est meth­ods to con­nect with high divine souls like Shirdi Baba and Jesus and to Shiva and Shakti, the Mother and Father, very, very, very eas­ily.” read more…

—Sri Kalesh­war


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