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One-​eyed Rudrak­sha

Shiva-​shakti Rudrak­sha

Naga Rudrak­sha

Three-​eyed Rudrak­sha

Four-​eyed Rudrak­sha

Five-​eyed Rudrak­sha

Six-​eyed Rudrak­sha

Ten-​eyed Rudrak­sha

Other Holy Rudrak­shas


Cer­tain spe­cial rudrak­shas are nat­u­rally occur­ring power objects, and can be ‘charged’ with cos­mic energy dur­ing japa med­i­ta­tion and other sad­hanas. These rudrak­shas are said to be an expres­sion of Shiva’s love and com­pas­sion for human­ity. Sim­ply wear­ing them has heal­ing and puri­fy­ing effects. Sri Kalesh­war said, “The rudrak­shas are seeds of power. With spe­cial rudrak­shas (you) will get con­trol of the illu­sions dis­turb­ing your life. Any­thing, what­ever you want, the nature will flow and give it to you.”

“Rudrak­shas are like a dia­mond, all is depth. You see a dia­mond but you don’t know how much clar­ity it is. All rudrak­shas look same but have dif­fer­ent depth. All dia­monds are not the same. Rudrak­sha are like that. It’s a com­pletely new sub­ject.”

“What is inner mech­a­nism why Shiva always wears the rudrak­shas? Rudrak­shas are a sym­bol for the Brahma Con­scious­ness. that’s why he stays always in Brahma Con­scious­ness… We’re talk­ing about union, Shiva– Shakti, Shiva. Aksha means can give what­ever you want. Shiva, all the agho­ras, avad­huts, digum­baras, its their favorite seed. With cer­tain types of rudrak­sha, instead of doing 10,000 hours sad­hana, 10 hours sad­hana is enough. Who has these types of (spe­cial) rudrak­shas pretty good they can stand for any illusion.Who wear the vari­ety some spe­cific rudrak­shas they’re 100% eli­gi­ble can able to see Him (Shiva) and also are able to con­nect Mother Divine very fastly.”

All of the rudrak­sha below are nat­u­rally occur­ing rare power objects which were per­son­ally charged by Sri Kaleshwar.


One-​eyed Rudrak­sha ($1,008)
(extremely lim­ited sup­ply)

“The top, most pow­er­ful, rudrak­sha is the one-​eyed rudrak­sha. In the life­time of the (rudrak­sha) tree every year a tree makes one seed, one fruit with one eye. That’s all. The real true pow­er­ful one. What hap­pens to some­one who has that seed? When you are wear­ing it on your neck when you are sleep­ing (or med­i­tat­ing), it sucks unbe­liev­able cos­mic energy from the nature. What­ever good for­tune you really want, it starts to make it hap­pen in your life.” –Sri Kaleshwar


Shiva-​Shakti Rudrak­sha ($1,008)

(extremely lim­ited sup­ply)


Naga Rudrak­sha ($1,008)

(extremely lim­ited sup­ply)


Three-​eyed Rudrak­sha ($504)


Four-​eyed Rudrak­sha ($504)


Five-​eyed Rudrak­sha ($504)


Six-​eyed Rudrak­sha ($504)

(extremely lim­ited sup­ply)


Ten-​eyed Rudrak­sha ($1,008)

(extremely lim­ited sup­ply)


Other Holy Rudrak­shas ($1,008)


AllahalaLingham-FlowersAla­hala Lingam

“Your soul object is a part of an unbe­liev­able energy to give bless­ings and heal­ings to the globe and help take out pain from a lot of peo­ple. Once you have the soul object, it means you have your knife to go to the bat­tle­field of the illu­sions. It’s pretty good done. You know how to fight the illu­sions.” read more…

—Sri Kalesh­war

Christmas03Baba-250pxShirdi Baba with the Crys­tal Cross

“You might think, ‘Why do I need a Power Object?’ If you want to cross the river, you need a small boat with a small stick or a lit­tle branch. It’s one hun­dred per­cent nec­es­sary… Power objects are one of the short­est, short­est, short­est meth­ods to con­nect with high divine souls like Shirdi Baba and Jesus and to Shiva and Shakti, the Mother and Father, very, very, very eas­ily.” read more

—Sri Kalesh­war


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