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Maheshwari Yoga

Instruc­tions for Join­ing Dat­ta­treya Abisheks

How to Use the Dat­ta­treya Abishek

Instruc­tions for Join­ing Fire Pujas

How to Use the Fire Pujas

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Remote Instruc­tions for Join­ing Pujas for Peace
at the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter in Lay­tonville, CA

Instruc­tions for Join­ing Dat­ta­treya Abisheks

You are invited to join the upcom­ing live video abishek broad­cast avail­able at www​.divine​lin​eage​.org (stream­ing viewer is at bot­tom of home­page). The Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Center’s New and Full moon abisheks are 1.5 hours long.

Remote Process:

  • Set your sankalpam (inten­tion) to con­nect to the Divine Father’s energy.
  • We sing the Guru Mantra 41 times to con­nect with Sri Kalesh­war.
  • We recite the Shirdi Baba Sto­tram to con­nect to Baba.
  • For the remain­der of the process time we chant the Shakti Gay­a­tri, and are con­nect­ing to Mother Divine and Dat­ta­treya, the Divine Father, as the statue of Dat­ta­treya is receiv­ing a holy bath.

How to Use the Dat­ta­treya Abishek

In 2008, Sri Kalesh­war promised that his soul would enter the Dat­ta­treya statue every Full and New Moon for thou­sands of years, to con­tinue to bless his stu­dents after his mahasamadhi. Dur­ing the abhisheks on the Full and New Moon, you can eas­ily con­nect to his soul. While the Dat­ta­treya is receiv­ing the holy bath, look at the statue, espe­cially the eyes, and open your heart to receive his bless­ing. In 2012, the Dat­ta­treya statue cried at pre­cisely the same time as Sri Kaleshwar’s body was being laid to rest in Penukonda. It was a mirac­u­lous bless­ing for all those who wit­nessed it.

An abishek is a holy bath. This sacred rit­ual is a mech­a­nism for puri­fy­ing our kar­mas and receiv­ing bless­ings from the Divine. With an open heart, chant the prayers (if you know them) or just watch the abishek and lis­ten silently. Think of what bless­ings you need in your life and what obsta­cles or blocks that need to be released. It is espe­cially pow­er­ful to watch with your eyes open while Dat­ta­treya is being bathed, with the aware­ness that the Divine is wash­ing these blocks and radi­at­ing bless­ings to you. The abishek washes kar­mas, pro­tects you from neg­a­tiv­ity, and brings high Divine energy into your life.

While Dat­ta­treya is being dressed, it is okay to close your eyes and chant or silently med­i­tate, or you can con­tinue con­nect­ing to the energy with your eyes open. New and Full Moon abisheks of the Dat­ta­treya statue are also a pow­er­ful time to con­nect to Sri Kaleshwar’s soul. Sri Kalesh­war enlivened and installed a piece of his soul energy in the Dat­ta­traya statue. He said that after his samadhi he would enter the statue every New and Full Moon for peo­ple to receive his energy trans­mis­sions and have his dar­shan.

Instruc­tions for Join­ing Fire Pujas

You are invited to join the upcom­ing live video fire puja broad­cast avail­able at www​.divine​lin​eage​.org (stream­ing viewer is at bot­tom of home­page). The New and Full moon fire pujas are 1 hour long and take place after the abishek.

Remote Instruc­tions:

  • If pos­si­ble, have a lit can­dle or be in the pres­ence of a live flame.
  • We chant the Shakti Gay­a­tri for 15 min­utes. This ful­fills our soul desires.
  • Then we chant the Mahesh­wari prayer for 30 min­utes. If you do not know the Mahesh­wari prayer you can chant the Shakti Gay­a­tri in its place.
  • We take a short period of inner silence, then we chant the Chamundesh­wari mantra for 1015 min­utes. This is a prayer for prosperity.
  • At the end of the puja we chant Loka Samasta Sukino Bha­vantu. With this prayer we are send­ing the divine energy from the puja out to the world so that the whole world may be happy and at peace.

How to Use the Fire Puja

Look into the fire and say thanks to your mother and father. With an open heart, chant the prayers (if you know them) or just watch the fire, think­ing deeply on what you need in your life. While look­ing into the fire, silently release your deep­est heart pain, stress, neg­a­tiv­ity or unhap­pi­ness you are car­ry­ing. Talk to God through the fire; give it to the fire. Even if your mind starts to wan­der, it is okay. Just return to your heart­felt prayers. The fire will bring purifi­ca­tion of any pain and the high­est pos­i­tive energy.


milk over statue closeup

Dat­ta­treya Abishek, Lay­tonville, CA

“Wealth is the means to ful­fill the dharma. Give one and receive ten-​fold.”

—Shirdi Sai Baba

fire puja Divine Lin­eage Fire Puja

The light from the can­dle and the light from the fire are the same as the light from the sun. Equal. Fire is fire. Can­dles may be dif­fer­ent, but the fire’s light is one. Human beings may be dif­fer­ent, but their power is the same, their aim is the same.

—Sri Kalesh­war


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