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Receiv­ing Heal­ing Bless­ings by Offer­ing a Coconut and Spon­sor­ing a Divine Lin­eage Fire Puja

How to Offer a Coconut and Spon­sor a Puja

Help­ing Oth­ers While Help­ing Your­self

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Pujas for Peace — Heal­ing Bless­ings for You and Oth­ers in Need
at the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter in Lay­tonville, CA

Receive Heal­ing Energy and Bless­ings by Offer­ing a Coconut and Spon­sor­ing a Divine Lin­eage Fire Puja

What­ever dif­fi­cul­ties you are expe­ri­enc­ing, offer­ing a coconut with your prayers will help to lessen those dif­fi­cul­ties. Fire pujas are capa­ble of destroy­ing the most neg­a­tive karma at the very root, which is ulti­mately the true cause of the prob­lem.

Your dona­tion is also a sacred act of merit, because the pos­i­tive vibra­tions cre­ated dur­ing the puja ben­e­fits every­one par­tic­i­pat­ing and the entire world. Your offer­ing of a coconut brings heal­ing bless­ings to you, your loved ones, and oth­ers in need.

When you give a coconut and spon­sor a fire puja, a coconut is offered to the fire in your name with a spe­cial sankalpam (inten­tion) and energy trans­mis­sion to bless what­ever you are seek­ing and need in your life.

How to Offer a Coconut or Spon­sor the Fire Puja

Please use the link below to give a donation/​dak­shina for any amount you choose, and then send an email with your heal­ing need and the fol­low­ing infor­ma­tion to us at programs@​divinelineage.​org .

  • Recent pic­ture of your­self (pass­port style; eyes vis­i­ble)
  • Full name
  • Date of birth (dd/​mm/​yyyy)
  • Both parent’s full name
  • Coun­try of res­i­dence
  • What you need and would like blessed in your life

(Giv­ing dak­shina is an impor­tant karmic energy exchange mech­a­nism to receive the bless­ings and divine energy of a sacred fire puja in a smooth way. The infor­ma­tion with your prayer request helps us direct the dis­tance heal­ing energy trans­mis­sion to you and your loved ones.)

Help­ing Oth­ers While Help­ing Your­self

Your offer­ing of a coconut or spon­sor­ship not only brings spe­cial heal­ing bless­ing and direct heal­ing energy trans­mis­sions, you are also touch­ing the lives of many peo­ple. Dona­tions received for offer­ing coconuts and spon­sor­ing the fire pujas helps sup­port the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Center’s monthly char­i­ta­ble activ­i­ties which includes pro­vid­ing nutri­tious warm meals and blan­kets for the home­less, sup­port­ing edu­ca­tional pro­grams for low– income chil­dren, and giv­ing nec­es­sary child­care sup­plies (such as baby for­mula, milk, and dia­pers) to fam­i­lies in need.

milk over statue closeup

Dat­ta­treya Abishek, Lay­tonville, CA

“Wealth is the means to ful­fill the dharma. Give one and receive ten-​fold.”

—Shirdi Sai Baba

fire puja Divine Lin­eage Fire Puja

The light from the can­dle and the light from the fire are the same as the light from the sun. Equal. Fire is fire. Can­dles may be dif­fer­ent, but the fire’s light is one. Human beings may be dif­fer­ent, but their power is the same, their aim is the same.

—Sri Kalesh­war


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