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Per­sonal Power Spot Process Instructions

Addi­tional Story:

How Sri Kalesh­war Cre­ated the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter as a Sacred Power Spot


Sri Kalesh­war Talk­ing About the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Center

Sri Kalesh­war

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Cre­ate Your Own Per­sonal Power Spot

at the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Center

It is now pos­si­ble for indi­vid­u­als to cre­ate Per­sonal Power Spots at the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter, fol­low­ing processes and detailed instruc­tions left by Sri Kalesh­war.

For addi­tional infor­ma­tion on avail­able dates for this process, please email programs@​divinelineage.​org.

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In-​person $250.00 pay in full

In-​person 10 pay­ments of $25.00/month

Teach­ings from Sri Kalesh­war and the ancient palm leaf man­u­scripts

about cre­at­ing and con­nect­ing to sacred places on Earth called Power Spots


What is a Power Spot?

A Power Spot is a spe­cial place where the earth is highly charged with mag­netic energy. The earth in such places radi­ates high divine fre­quen­cies. Sri Kalesh­war said, “When you walk on those places, because you’re in the mid­dle of the energy, what­ever neg­a­tive energy you have in you, if you just enter that land and walk on it inno­cently, it puri­fies you. If you notice the vibra­tions when you walk, same result. Even if you don’t notice, if you walk there, same result.”

All the ele­ments, all of the nature in these sacred places, radi­ate these vibra­tions — the earth, the fire, the water, the wind, the sky, the clouds, and the air you breathe. The vibra­tions are elec­tric. With­out your notice or with­out even think­ing about it, those vibra­tions flow on you. These places are called Power Spots. Some exam­ples of Power Spots are Mount Kailas, Penukonda, Varanasi, Sri Sailam, Tiru­pati, Shirdi, Hampi and Jerusalem. Sri Kalesh­war cre­ated the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter in Lay­tonville, Cal­i­for­nia, as a new ‘Power Spot’ for the world .

How is a Power Spot cre­ated?

The ancient knowl­edge reveals how to cre­ate a Power Spot. This infor­ma­tion has been imple­mented by the ancient sages and saints from time immemo­r­ial, espe­cially in India. It is a spir­i­tual sci­ence based on energy laws and nat­ural phe­nom­e­non.

A Power Spot is a bless­ing from the Divine as it con­tin­u­ously trans­mits the high­est cos­mic vibra­tions to the planet. Through the bless­ings and sac­ri­fice of the sages and saints, Power Spots have been cre­ated and main­tained through­out his­tory to serve human­ity. For exam­ple, when a pow­er­ful divine soul med­i­tates on the land or even walks on it one time, it starts to pro­duce high mag­netic vibra­tions mak­ing it a pow­er­ful and holy place. Often there are power objects linked to the land, either those cre­ated by a saint, or those mirac­u­lously occur­ring in the nature on that land. Power Spots also uti­lize the spe­cial qual­i­ties of the nature exist­ing at the spot (Vaastu).

What is a Per­sonal Power Spot?

A Per­sonal Power Spot makes an ener­getic con­nec­tion between you and the divine vibra­tions and capac­i­ties of a Power Spot. Cre­at­ing Per­sonal Power Spots is a fun­da­men­tal mech­a­nism used by the saints and sages of our tra­di­tion over mil­len­nia to link their soul to the ele­ments and high fre­quen­cies of holy grounds across Asia and the Mid­dle East. In this way, the soul receives the energy from the sacred land of the Power Spot with­out hav­ing to be phys­i­cally at that loca­tion.

What are the ben­e­fits of my hav­ing a Per­sonal Power Spot?

There are extra­or­di­nary ben­e­fits to hav­ing a Per­sonal Power Spot. It mag­ne­tizes the high­est fre­quen­cies to your soul, moment-​by-​moment. It is con­tin­u­ously tak­ing care of your soul, cre­at­ing high pro­tec­tion cir­cles and adding high Shiva energy drop-​by-​drop, help­ing you to mag­ne­tize Mother Divine and have Her dar­shan. A Per­sonal Power Spot is required to do many of the shakti energy chan­nels.

Your Per­sonal Power Spot also:

  • trans­mits energy directly from the Power Spot to your soul - “A Power Spot is your soul spot. It’s all the time vibrat­ing and giv­ing energy to you. Your soul is pulling cos­mic energy, drop by drop. It’s a must and a should. To do the power chan­nels, every per­son needs a power spot, a soul object, per­sonal mantra and a soul mate.” –Sri Kalesh­war
  • enhances clar­ity in your con­scious­ness
  • pro­tects against neg­a­tive energy
  • helps decharge neg­a­tive vibra­tions
  • pro­tects from kar­mas when giv­ing heal­ings
  • is nec­es­sary to demon­strate cer­tain mirac­u­lous abil­i­ties & heal­ings — “If you want to do kand­hana yoga, if you want to demon­strate cer­tain sid­dhis, if you want to demon­strate cer­tain heal­ings, if you want to demon­strate the most amaz­ing things in the planet, with­out power spot it’s impos­si­ble.” –Sri Kalesh­war
  • is nec­es­sary to soul travel — “Soul trav­el­ing is linked with a power spot.” –Sri Kalesh­war
  • helps pro­tect against neg­a­tive Vaastu — “Once you have a power spot, even if you have a lit­tle funny Vaastu, and is cre­at­ing you to be a lit­tle funny, but still the ele­ments are accept­ing you to do cer­tain things.” –Sri Kalesh­war


How can I get my own Per­sonal Power Spot?

You can cre­ate a Per­sonal Power Spot by doing a spe­cific med­i­ta­tion process repeat­ing your per­sonal mantra while hold­ing a con­tainer filled with spe­cial ingre­di­ents. This ‘charges’ the ingre­di­ents in the con­tainer with cos­mic energy. After com­plet­ing the med­i­ta­tion process, you per­son­ally bury your ‘charged’ con­tainer in the ground at the Power Spot. This cre­ates the link between the ‘Power Spot’ and your soul.

After this ini­tial process, addi­tional med­i­ta­tions are some­times required, which can be done from wher­ever you are in the world on the Full and New Moons, to develop your soul power and capac­ity. Some­times you must travel to ‘touch’ your Per­sonal Power Spot to com­plete this process. For exam­ple, to ful­fill the require­ment of a Per­sonal Power Spot in Penukonda you need to ‘touch’ your Per­sonal Power Spot each Guru Purn­ima Full Moon for five con­sec­u­tive years .

Can we trans­form a place or land into a new Power Spot?

No. Although he taught this infor­ma­tion, Sri Kalesh­war did not give approval for his stu­dents to use the shakti energy chan­nels to cre­ate new places in the West into Power Spots. Specif­i­cally, in a pub­lic talk in 2010 Monika asked, “Swami, how do we use the sec­ond JC Chan­nel to cre­ate a power spot with our power objects…in our home coun­tries?” He answered no because of the vibra­tions in West­ern coun­tries. Read entire dia­logue

This is why the Lay­tonville Power Spot is such a price­less gift. It was the only land Sri Kalesh­war devel­oped into a Power Spot out­side of India where his stu­dents could cre­ate Per­sonal Power Spots.

How many Per­sonal Power Spots can a per­son have?

This is deter­mined by the desire, capac­ity and dharma of the indi­vid­ual. Shirdi Baba cre­ated twenty-​one Per­sonal Power Spots, which is the max­i­mum num­ber of any saint men­tioned by Sri Kalesh­war in his teach­ings on this sub­ject. Jesus Christ and Sri Kalesh­war each cre­ated nine Per­sonal Power Spots dur­ing their life­times. Sri Kalesh­war said, “It is advis­able to cre­ate many power spots if you can.”

Dur­ing his life, Sri Kalesh­war directed some stu­dents to cre­ate Per­sonal Power Spots out­side of his ashram in Penukonda in the other Power Spots of this tra­di­tion. Some­times he sent stu­dents in process groups, at other times he sent indi­vid­u­als alone. In sev­eral instances, Sri Kalesh­war per­son­ally accom­pa­nied process groups to Sri Sailam and Hampi to over­see this process. Dur­ing these times, he gave teach­ings on how a Per­sonal Power Spot in these places would specif­i­cally sup­port and lift the stu­dents’ per­sonal sad­hanas and shakti energy processes.

If I already have a Per­sonal Power Spot in Penukonda should I cre­ate another one in Laytonville?

Def­i­nitely. The Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter was cre­ated by Sri Kalesh­war dur­ing his life­time as a new Power Spot on the planet par­tic­u­larly for this pur­pose. He ener­get­i­cally linked the land at the cen­ter in Lay­tonville to the other major Power Spots in our tra­di­tion, includ­ing notably Penukonda, Shirdi, Tiru­pati, Hampi and Sri Sailam. Dur­ing the many shakti energy processes he per­formed to charge and open the five ele­ments chan­nels in Lay­tonville as a Power Spot, he taught that the new Lay­tonville Power Spot was linked pow­er­fully to the water ele­ment, and that uti­liz­ing this land prop­erly would help his stu­dents and future gen­er­a­tions to win the water ele­ment chan­nel in their per­sonal processes. Win­ning the water ele­ment is essen­tial for puri­fy­ing and open­ing the sat chakras, han­dling neg­a­tiv­ity and kar­mas (ala­hala), and demon­strat­ing cer­tain mirac­u­lous abil­i­ties.

If I make a Per­sonal Power Spot in Lay­tonville do I still need to make another one in Penukonda?

Penukonda Every stu­dent of the ancient knowl­edge and tra­di­tion should make a Personal Power Spot at the ashram in Penukonda, India, when they are able to do this and ful­fill the dik­shas (require­ments) given by Sri Kalesh­war. Each Power Spot has its own unique energy that ben­e­fits and pro­tects you in dif­fer­ent ways. A Per­sonal Power Spot in Penukonda is a price­less bless­ing and an aim that all stu­dents of this tra­di­tion should try to ful­fill when life’s cir­cum­stances allow you to travel to the Penukonda ashram in India for five con­sec­u­tive years on Guru Purn­ima (Full Moon in July).

How­ever, Sri Kalesh­war rec­og­nized the dif­fi­culty many sin­cere stu­dents in the West have in trav­el­ing to India for this and other processes. In 2010, while dis­cussing a series of ques­tions about the Lay­tonville Power Spot and its role in the ancient knowledge’s tra­di­tion today, he asked, “If stu­dents can­not go to India, what are the other places, branches, cen­ters where Swami can help them in their processes world­wide?” He said this was why he had his stu­dents come here many times over the years.

Excerpts from Sri Kalesh­war Teach­ing Tran­scripts about Power Spots

A PDF of the fol­low­ing excerpts is avail­able here .

  • Sri Kalesh­war Teach­ing from the Holy Womb Tran­script
  • Excerpt from a dia­logue between Sri Kalesh­war and Monika dur­ing a 90-​Day JC Pro­gram pub­lic talk in Penukonda, India. (Sep­tem­ber 4, 2010)

The Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter


The Per­sonal Power Spot process will take place at the Divine Lin­eage Cen­ter out­side of Lay­tonville, Cal­i­for­nia in Men­do­cino County. Sit­u­ated in a beau­ti­ful remote for­est, a 3-​hour drive north of San Fran­cisco the deep silence and pris­tine nature vibra­tions sup­port spir­i­tual trans­mis­sion and med­i­ta­tion. The Divine Lin­eage Cen­ter in Lay­tonville Cal­i­for­nia, is a Dattatreya/​Mother Divine power spot cre­ated by Sri Kalesh­war dur­ing his many vis­its from 1999 to 2011. He demon­strated numer­ous mirac­u­lous man­i­fes­ta­tions on the land, and con­nected this land to other Power Spots, includ­ing Shirdi and Penukonda, say­ing it would be a pow­er­ful cat­a­lyst to sin­cere stu­dents.

Sri Kalesh­war per­son­ally cre­ated and blessed the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter as a sacred Power Spot in the West. He him­self showed the exact loca­tion for people’s Per­sonal Power Spots at the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter and gave step by step instruc­tions for how to imple­ment this process. His con­sis­tent answer to the dozens of requests that he received about when peo­ple could com­plete their own Per­sonal Power Spot process at the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter was, “Wait, we can’t open that process till the land is pro­tected (owned by the Church of Divine Lin­eage.)” By his grace the ancient mis­sion and this sacred process is alive and well today.

Sri Kaleshwar’s cre­ation of the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter as a sacred Power Spot was part of his life­long mis­sion of mak­ing it pos­si­ble for stu­dents of the ancient knowl­edge and tra­di­tion to do many things includ­ing cer­tain advanced sad­hanas, divine processes and cre­ate their own Per­son Power Spot out­side of the ashram in Penukonda, India. His sankalpam was that hav­ing this Power Spot would help bring the energy chan­nels of the ancient knowl­edge to the West. He did this for the sake of all gen­er­a­tions of stu­dents, now and into the future.


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