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His­tory and Devel­op­ment of the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter


“Can one be pas­sion­ate about the just, the ideal, the sub­lime, and the holy, and yet com­mit no labor in its cause? I don’t think so. … Be ignited, or be gone.”

– Mary Oliver, from “What I’ve Learned So Far,” New and Selected Poems, Vol. Two


“Wealth should be the means to work out dharma. If it is used for per­sonal enjoy­ment, it is wasted. Unless you have given it before, you do not get it now. So the best way to receive is to give.”

– Shirdi Baba

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The Sacred Power Spot & Mas­ter Heal­ers Project

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The Sacred Power Spot & Mas­ter Heal­ers Project

On Giv­ingTues­day (Decem­ber 1st) the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter is par­tic­i­pat­ing with thou­sands of other non­profit orga­ni­za­tions to help alle­vi­ate the suf­fer­ing on our planet. Giv­ingTues­day was founded in 2012 by New York’s 92nd Street Y in part­ner­ship with the United Nations Foun­da­tion. Together, with a team of influ­encers and found­ing part­ners, it launched a global move­ment that has engaged over 30,000 orga­ni­za­tions world­wide. Giv­ingTues­day har­nesses the poten­tial of social media and the gen­eros­ity of peo­ple around the world to bring about real change in their com­mu­ni­ties; it pro­vides a plat­form for them to encour­age the dona­tion of time, resources and tal­ents to address local chal­lenges. It also brings together the col­lec­tive power of a unique blend of part­ners — non­prof­its, civic orga­ni­za­tions, busi­nesses and cor­po­ra­tions, as well as fam­i­lies and indi­vid­u­als — to encour­age and amplify small acts of kind­ness. As a global move­ment, Giv­ingTues­day unites coun­tries around the world by shar­ing a capac­ity to care for and empower one another.

As part of this, the Divine Lin­eage is launch­ing The Sacred Power Spot & Mas­ter Heal­ers Project to develop our sacred site in North­ern Cal­i­for­nia which will help to accel­er­ate the train­ing of mas­ter healers.


Train­ing peo­ple in the heal­ing tech­niques of the ancient palm leaf man­u­scripts is key to bring­ing heal­ing to the planet. The world needs many mas­ter heal­ers. One of the most effec­tive and fastest ways to train heal­ers is to have them study inten­sively at the Cen­ter at dif­fer­ent points in their learn­ing process to sup­port and accel­er­ate their devel­op­ment. At the Cen­ter they will directly ben­e­fit from the pow­er­ful vibra­tions of this land.


The Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter is tak­ing the oppor­tu­nity on Giv­ingTues­day to join with the energy of open hearted peo­ple around the world to launch this multi-​year Project. Sri Kalesh­war, the Indian saint who ini­ti­ated the devel­op­ment of the Center’s site, called it one of the most impor­tant, sacred power spots. He left very detailed plans for how to develop it and spec­i­fied that one of its key pur­poses is, “To train heal­ers who will cre­ate uni­ver­sal peace, har­mony and wis­dom.”


The goal on Giv­ingTues­day will be to raise at least $30,000 to, among other things, com­plete a Ganesh Tem­ple and do major exca­va­tion work con­sis­tent with Vaastu (Vedic archi­tec­ture) prin­ci­ples that will dra­mat­i­cally enhance the spir­i­tual vibra­tions of the site. Also the intent of par­tic­i­pat­ing in Giv­ingTues­day will be to cre­ate the momen­tum to raise the addi­tional money to com­plete Sri Kaleshwar’s plans for this power spot in 2016/​2017 and to con­tin­u­ally accel­er­ate the speed with which mas­ter heal­ers are devel­oped.

All gifts and dona­tions are fully tax deductible as allowed by law.





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