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Find­ing Hap­pi­ness Through the Heart of Our Divine Mother:

A 21-​Day Guided Med­i­ta­tion and Con­tem­pla­tion Series

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Wel­come to Find­ing Hap­pi­ness Through the Heart of Our Divine Mother, a twenty-​one day guided med­i­ta­tion audio series to expe­ri­ence the heart of the amaz­ing divine fem­i­nine aspect of God, our Divine Mother. It is our hope and prayer that through this audio course you develop a deeper, more per­sonal rela­tion­ship with Her, and become a chan­nel for Her divine energy. Pro­foundly heal­ing, deeply relax­ing, each med­i­ta­tion is a blessing-​energy expe­ri­ence that raises your soul fre­quency to greater peace, hap­pi­ness, and divine love. This audio course is now avail­able as a dig­i­tal down­load below for $36.00.

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About this 21-​Day Guided Med­i­ta­tion Series:

MotherDivine-28kss9h-668px This beau­ti­ful 21-​day guided med­i­ta­tion and con­tem­pla­tion series is an energy expe­ri­ence that con­nects you with the heart of the Divine Mother, and with your soul essence. Set to tran­quil music, richly woven con­tem­pla­tions and sooth­ing voices take you deep inside to explore and awaken your per­sonal rela­tion­ship with the amaz­ing divine fem­i­nine aspect of God, our Divine Mother. The guided med­i­ta­tions share an ancient mantra that opens your energy chan­nels to the Divine Mother. The mys­ter­ies about Mother Divine and Her many aspects are mas­ter­fully expressed in an easy-​to-​understand way that makes embody­ing Her divine energy in our daily lives acces­si­ble to every­one, in big and small ways.

The med­i­ta­tions reveal a sacred for­mula from the ancient knowl­edge, pow­er­ful sound vibra­tions (bijak­sha­ras), which con­nects the energy of your chakras to the cos­mic energy of the Divine Mother’s chakras. Sim­ply lis­ten­ing to these med­i­ta­tions opens your heart and fills you with the Mother’s love and bliss­ful energy.

This series is per­fect for women and men, for those just begin­ning a med­i­ta­tion prac­tice, and expe­ri­enced med­i­ta­tors alike. The sooth­ing voices and tran­quil heal­ing music guides you in the prac­tice of using sacred vibra­tions lead­ing you to peace and still­ness eas­ily. The tracks increase in length mid­way through the expe­ri­ence giv­ing you the oppor­tu­nity to go deeper in relax­ation and med­i­ta­tion.

The fastest way for a woman to expe­ri­ence her great­ness, power and true beauty — whether she’s two or ninety-​two – is to have a rela­tion­ship with Mother Divine. For a man, hon­or­ing his con­nec­tion with the divine fem­i­nine and hav­ing a rela­tion­ship with Mother Divine is the quick­est way for him to progress spir­i­tu­ally. Over the last few thou­sand years, the world has largely for­got­ten the Mother. This pow­er­ful series is a door­way for restor­ing the essen­tial bal­ance of male and female ener­gies in our­selves, and in soci­ety.

The Divine Mother, in Her many forms, is the source of all that is mirac­u­lous. She is the uni­ver­sal mother to every­one. Her heart is filled with lim­it­less love for Her chil­dren, She can bless any­thing they ask. To expe­ri­ence Her pres­ence and Her love leads us towards hav­ing our hearts open per­ma­nently, which is the great­est desire of our soul.

As you lis­ten to the daily con­tem­pla­tions and guided med­i­ta­tions, visu­al­ize in your mind, in your third eye, an image of the Mother that touches your heart. Mother Mary is the great exam­ple for every­one of what it means to embody the divine fem­i­nine energy, what is pos­si­ble for all women to achieve. There are many forms of the Mother through­out the world that include Durga, Lak­shmi, Tara, Quan Yin, Mahakali, and Saraswati to name a few. Within every form of the Mother is a depth of com­pas­sion that only God knows. Each form of the Mother expresses dif­fer­ent aspects of Her glo­ri­ous nature, and as we come close to Her these bril­liant char­ac­ter­is­tics are awak­ened in us.

21 days — lis­ten each day or in a sequence over as much time as you want. Work with the series again and again to con­nect to the Mother’s energy. The knowl­edge is always fresh and alive. Your med­i­ta­tions will change as your con­scious­ness changes. Through your love and this sim­ple mantra tech­nique, you will expe­ri­ence the Divine Mother’s energy close to you. She wants you to feel the great­est hap­pi­ness and be an instru­ment to bring Her love to the world.

About the Authors:

Bio-MonikaNityananada This audio series from the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter was cre­ated by Monika Tay­lor (of Penukonda) and Clint Thomp­son, MD (Nityaananda). They were trained directly in India by Sri Kalesh­war, a sid­dha mas­ter, for 15 years until his mahasamadhi in 2012. Trav­el­ling fre­quently with Sri Kalesh­war, they led processes where many stu­dents received Mother Divine’s dar­shan. They have taught exten­sively in Amer­ica and at the Soul Uni­ver­sity in Penukonda, India. They now reside at the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter in Lay­tonville, Cal­i­for­nia and cur­rently give teach­ings, heal­ings and shak­ti­pat trans­mis­sion around the world.

About Monika, Sri Kalesh­war said, “Monika belongs to the Divine Mother, Kanaka Durga’s, feet. She is a Divine Ma on the planet. She’ll walk and give a lot of wis­dom and clar­ity to bloom wis­dom. This lady will bless mil­lions of peo­ple on the planet. She’s going to do it.”

Monika is the author of Kalesh­war and a mod­ern ren­der­ing of the Sri Sai Satchar­i­tra, The Won­der­ful Life and Teach­ings of Shirdi Sai Baba. She was the edi­tor of Sri Kaleshwar’s books, includ­ing The Real Life and Teach­ings of Jesus Christ and Shirdi Sai Baba, The Uni­ver­sal Mas­ter.

Dr. Thomp­son (Nityaananda) is a physi­cian who often helped Sri Kalesh­war in yogic processes, includ­ing yoga samadhi and large group shak­ti­pat trans­mis­sion. He is a mas­ter healer, and trains heal­ers in Sai Shakti heal­ing tech­niques. He is the author of The Aware­ness of Heal­ing.

What Oth­ers are Say­ing:

“The Daily Con­tem­pla­tions are all beau­ti­ful gems of inspi­ra­tion. I really love lis­ten­ing and then being pulled into the giant space that is cre­ated for med­i­ta­tion and con­nec­tion to Mother’s energy. The music is divine too, and I’m over­joyed at the pair­ing of con­tem­pla­tion and med­i­ta­tion with music in this pro­gram. Thank you all, and Jai Ma.”

- Suz­zana S., Col­orado


Music Cred­its:

“Breath of Love” from the album Enchanted Wind by Suzanne Teng. © 2006. www​.suzan​neteng.com .

Used with per­mis­sion.

“Quiet Moment” from the album Dream Space by Dean Even­son. © 2013. Cour­tesy of Sound­ings of the Planet,

www​.sound​ings​.com . Used with per­mis­sion.


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