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Sai Shakti Heal­ing

What is Sai Shakti Heal­ing?

What are Ben­e­fits of Sai Shakti Heal­ing?

What is Dis­tance Heal­ing?

What are the 9 Holy Womb Chakra Purifi­ca­tions?

What is the Divine Baby Bless­ing?

What is Shak­ti­pat?

Videos and Arti­cles About Heal­ing:

An Intro­duc­tion to the Mech­a­nism of Healing

Divine Baby Bless­ing and Con­scious Pregnancy

Heal­ing Like Jesus

Road to Enlightenment

The Hid­den Power of the Womb Chakra

The Bless­ings of Being a Sai Shakti Healer

Com­ments from Heal­ing Clients

““It WORKS, faster and more deeply than any other heal­ing modal­ity I’ve used. That’s because she ener­get­i­cally removes on many lev­els those deep, old “stuck” places that more super­fi­cial tech­niques never reach. She is skilled, well trained, kind and aligned with the Divine.” A. G. in per­son and dis­tance client

Anna G., In Per­son & Dis­tance Client

“I do not have words to thank you for the heal­ing ses­sion today. It was absolutely awe­some. I was feel­ing tired and down when I came. I felt a true release dur­ing and after the ses­sion. It was so com­fort­ing. I left feel­ing so joy­ful and full of energy. It’s been almost a week and I feel more peace­ful and know the ben­e­fits are work­ing. I’m going to con­tinue to use the tools you shared. The heal­ing ses­sions have ben very help­ful. Thank you!”
- H., Knoxville, Tennessee

You gave me the most amaz­ing mantra and mas­sage while I was preg­nant. I had the most amaz­ing nat­ural birth because of you and I’ve been mean­ing to thank you for giv­ing me the Mantra that got me through my birth! I stand by your teach­ings that they really work and hope­fully oth­ers will want to seek your help as well.” H.B.

“Many mir­a­cles hap­pen in every heal­ing ses­sion. I have been healed of two major, chronic ill­nesses and my child­hood and adult life have been healed.”
- Judy D. Dis­tance Client

“I felt more peace­ful inside after the heal­ing than I have in a very long time.”
- J.B., San Jose, CA

“Shak­ti­pat with the Kala Chakra Yantra was very good, slept very well and had very good insights. Speak­ing from per­sonal expe­ri­ence, it occurs to me the this skill in dis­till­ing Kala Chakra and Sri Chakra infor­ma­tion for imme­di­ate jump start heal­ing is and can be of great ben­e­fit to peo­ple.”
- S.D,. Santa Clara, CA

“She embod­ies the lov­ing pres­ence of the Divine Mother, as she works with your body, spirit and Soul to clear the block­ages that may be present.”
- L. J., Dis­tance Client

Com­mu­nity Resources for

Sai Shakti Heal­ing and Heal­ers
Sai Shakti Heal­ing Infor­ma­tion

Expe­ri­ence Sai Shakti Healing

The Ben­e­fits of Sai Shakti Healing:

    • Improve all areas of life — men­tal, emo­tional, phys­i­cal and spiritual
    • Release heart­break, depres­sion, and neg­a­tive relationships
    • Clear per­sonal blocks such as fear, anx­i­ety, jealousy
    • Bal­ance sex­ual energy
    • Bring pros­per­ity and suc­cess in busi­ness and per­sonal life
    • Help heal abuse, aban­don­ment and child­hood wounds
    • Bring relief from neg­a­tive ener­gies and black magic
    • Heal and empower women, preg­nant moth­ers, and children
    • Cre­ate pro­tec­tion cir­cles around you
    • Raise your soul vibra­tion

      Every­one wants hap­pi­ness, health and love in their life. How­ever, we live in a time when neg­a­tiv­ity is run­ning wild and the world is shak­ing. There is help in these trou­bled times to return to joy, health and the flow of divine energy through Sai Shakti Healing

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        How Sai Shakti Heal­ing Works

        Sai Shakti Heal­ing is an advanced ancient approach that accesses sacred energy and power to heal your life. Sai Shakti Heal­ing works at the root level of all dis­ease and prob­lems in life by address­ing the energy of the soul.

        The jour­ney of our soul is the rea­son we are in a body on the Earth. Your soul jour­ney is unique and pre­cious. Sai Shakti Heal­ing enlivens the spark of your soul and trans­forms your chal­lenges from within so your essence and power come for­ward to make your life truly happy.

        Sai Shakti Heal­ing energy can be trans­mit­ted to a client in per­son or at a dis­tance. The Sai Shakti Healer uses Mantra (sacred vibra­tion) and Yantra (sacred form), to access divine chan­nels of heal­ing energy. This eter­nal heal­ing energy is then trans­mit­ted to you to address exactly what you need and help you to move to your divine poten­tial — your birthright of hap­pi­ness and love.

        The Ori­gin of Sai Shakti Healing

        Until recently, this ancient heal­ing sys­tem was hid­den in palm leaf man­u­scripts, thou­sands of years old, and only known to a few saints in India. Sri Kalesh­war has brought Sai Shakti Heal­ing for­ward to the world in this time and trained hun­dreds of heal­ers around the world.

        Sai Shakti Dis­tance Healing

        Sai Shakti Heal­ing is equally effec­tive in per­son or at a dis­tance. Divine energy knows no bounds of time and space. With dis­tance heal­ing you can be in the pri­vacy and com­fort of your own home and still expe­ri­ence a pro­found trans­mis­sion of heal­ing energy.

        The con­duct of the dis­tance heal­ing ses­sion is much the same as in per­son ses­sions. Through the divine chan­nels the healer has charged, and con­nec­tion to Divine Souls (such as Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Sri Kalesh­war, and Shirdi Sai Baba), the divine energy of heal­ing can eas­ily be trans­mit­ted over long dis­tances. The healer will use your voice on the phone, and/​or a pic­ture of you to ensure this energy goes directly to you.

        If you live in an area far away from a Sai Shakti healer dis­tance heal­ing may be for you.

        Nine Holy Womb Chakra Purifications

        Both men and women have a womb chakra, which needs to be set­tled and acces­si­ble in order to use the pure cre­ative force held there. This series of nine heal­ing ses­sions dis­man­tles the lay­ers of heart­break, con­fu­sion and dis­tur­bance held in the sacred energy cen­ter called the Holy Womb Chakra. Through this puri­fy­ing process the per­son is empow­ered to cre­ate and man­i­fest from a clear point of con­scious­ness with the power of uncon­di­tional love.

        Sri Kalesh­war received this process directly from the Divine Mother and blessed a group of Sai Shakti Heal­ers with per­mis­sion to give the heal­ings. In addi­tion to purifi­ca­tion and empow­er­ment in these heal­ings, the Divine Mother’s energy will tar­get exactly what the Womb Chakra and soul need to progress.

        The Nine Holy Womb Chakra Purifi­ca­tions take place over nine sep­a­rate one-​on-​one ses­sions. These ses­sions must be at least 24 hrs apart. They can take place over nine con­sec­u­tive days or can be spread out over weeks or months. Each heal­ing can be a pro­found and life chang­ing experience.

        The Divine Baby Bless­ing Energy Transmission

        The Divine Baby Bless­ing is the most pow­er­ful energy trans­mis­sion a mommy-​to-​be can receive to give beau­ti­ful spir­i­tual bless­ings to your baby’s soul while it is in the womb. The Divine Baby Bless­ing is given in one short energy trans­mis­sion (shak­ti­pat) dur­ing any stage of preg­nancy by a Sai Shakti Teacher/​Healer. This bless­ing empow­ers your womb chakra, awak­en­ing divine energy within you, and works through you to enhance the pos­i­tive attrib­utes of your divine baby’s soul.

        What is Shaktipat?

        “Soul Heal­ing Trans­mis­sion – Through shak­ti­pat to the third eye and other energy cen­ters, dust, debris, or block­ages from heart­break­ing or neg­a­tive expe­ri­ences can be removed. By gen­tly return­ing to the nat­ural state of being, heal­ing takes place from the inside out.”

        –From Sai Shakti –108 Heal­ing Tech­niques of Sri Kalesh­war

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