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Con­nect to Jesus and Mary — Christ­mas Eve Fire Puja

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Gift Your­self & Your Loved Ones Divine Gifts this Hol­i­day Sea­son

Books of the Ancient Knowl­edge

A spe­cial Christ­mas offer­ing from us to you. We are giv­ing you the gift of Sri Kaleshwar’s books (no charge to you except for ship­ping and han­dling). Enjoy this gift of the ancient knowl­edge and espe­cially enjoy shar­ing with your friends!


1) FREE! Vic­tory Through Vaastu, The Sci­ence of Vedic Archi­tec­ture, by Sri Kalesh­war, hard­cover. The secrets of a happy and suc­cess­ful life through liv­ing in har­mony with the Nature in the build­ings where we live and work.

2) FREE! Kalesh­war, Vol. 1 by Monika Penukonda, soft cover. Sto­ries of life with Sri Kalesh­war.

3) FREE! The Divine Mys­tery Fort by Sri Kalesh­war, soft cover. An intro­duc­tion to the ancient knowl­edge, Sri Kalesh­war and Shirdi Baba.

How to Receive Your Free Book(s):

  • Send an email programs@​divinelineage.​org and let us know your mail­ing addresss and which books you would like shipped to you.
  • Sub­mit the dak­shina for the ship­ping and han­dling using the list of rates below

Ship­ping & Han­dling Rates:

Vic­tory Through Vaastu, The Sci­ence of Vedic Archi­tec­ture

$10.99 USA

$49.90 Inter­na­tional

Kalesh­war, Vol. 1

$7.99 USA
$17.95 Inter­na­tional

The Divine Mys­tery Fort

$10.99 USA
$21.99 Inter­na­tional

Christ­mas Eve Fire Puja — Give Bless­ings to Your Fam­ily and Friends

Thurs­day, Decem­ber 24, 2015 4:00pm — 6:00pm PST

firepuja-dhuniJCGive the gift of spe­cial bless­ing for your loved ones dur­ing the Christ­mas Eve fire puja when we will be con­nect­ing to Jesus and Mary.

A coconut will be offered to the fire on their behalf and their name read aloud.

The energy and bless­ings of this puja reaches them wher­ever they are, they do not have to be present to receive them.

Sug­gested Dona­tion: $54.00

Three Ways to Sub­mit Dona­tion:

1) Pay by Pay­pal:

2) Pay by Check: Send an email programs@​divinelineage.​org and let us know you are mail­ing the dak­shina. Mail­ing address for check (made out to Divine Assis­tants Inter­na­tional): P.O. Box 603, Lay­tonville, CA 95454 c/​o Divine Assis­tants Inter­na­tional

3) Pay by wire trans­fer: Send email to programs@​divinelineage.​org

After Reg­is­tra­tion: Shortly after your reg­is­tra­tion has been com­pleted, you will receive emails with addi­tional pro­gram infor­ma­tion and instruc­tions on how to best uti­lize the pow­er­ful energy of the Christ­mas Eve Fire Puja.

Note about the pho­to­graph: JC’s ini­tials spon­ta­neously appeared in the fire dur­ing a Con­nect­ing to Jesus Fire Puja in the Fall of 2015. This is the actual unre­touched photo.

Addi­tional Bless­ing Pujas & Gifts for Your Fam­ily and Friends

1. Feed your soul. Share your love and donate a Christ­mas Bas­ket to a Fam­ily in Need

2015ChristmasBaskets2.jpg 2015ChristmasBaskets4.jpg

2. JC (Jesus Christ) Yantra on Cop­per or Sil­ver or Cop­per Metal


3. Crys­tal Cross Power Object


4. Trav­el­ing Altar


5. Gems & Jew­elry Power Objects Charged by Sri Kalesh­war



Be a Dharma Sup­porter — Donate to the Pro­gram Schol­ar­ship Fund

Con­tribute to help sin­cere ded­i­cated stu­dents in need of schol­ar­ships to attend this pro­gram. Share in the good karma of help­ing oth­ers. All dona­tions are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Monika and Nityaananda


Monika Tay­lor (of Penukonda) and Clint Thomp­son, MD (Nityaananda), were trained directly in India by Sri Kalesh­war, a sid­dha mas­ter, for 15 years until his mahasamadhi in 2012. Trav­el­ling fre­quently with Sri Kalesh­war, they led processes where many stu­dents received Mother Divine’s dar­shan. They have taught exten­sively in Amer­ica and at the Soul Uni­ver­sity in Penukonda, India. They now reside at the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter in Lay­tonville, Cal­i­for­nia and cur­rently give teach­ings, heal­ings and shak­ti­pat trans­mis­sion around the world.

About Monika, Sri Kalesh­war said, “Monika belongs to the Divine Mother, Kanaka Durga’s, feet. She is a Divine Ma on the planet. She’ll walk and give a lot of wis­dom and clar­ity to bloom wis­dom. This lady will bless mil­lions of peo­ple on the planet. She’s going to do it.”

Monika is the author of Kalesh­war and a mod­ern ren­der­ing of the Sri Sai Satchar­i­tra, The Won­der­ful Life and Teach­ings of Shirdi Sai Baba. She was the edi­tor of Sri Kaleshwar’s books, includ­ing The Real Life and Teach­ings of Jesus Christ and Shirdi Sai Baba, The Uni­ver­sal Mas­ter.

Dr. Thomp­son (Nityaananda) is a physi­cian who often helped Sri Kalesh­war in yogic processes, includ­ing yoga samadhi and large group shak­ti­pat trans­mis­sion. He is a mas­ter healer, and trains heal­ers in Sai Shakti heal­ing tech­niques. He is the author of The Aware­ness of Heal­ing.

The Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter


The Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter is located in Lay­tonville, in Men­do­cino County, north­ern Cal­i­for­nia. Located in the remote for­est, it is a 3-​hour drive north of San Fran­cisco, in the deep silence and pris­tine nature vibra­tions sup­port heal­ing and med­i­ta­tion. The Cen­ter is a Shiva/​Shakti power spot cre­ated by Sri Kalesh­war dur­ing his vis­its from 1999 to 2011. He called it a place of mir­a­cle energy.



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