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2014Divine Women and Children

A Mother’s Divine Power

What is a Divine Baby and a Divine Child?

Sacred Tools Avail­able to Moth­ers: Preg­nancy Prac­tices, Prayers, and Med­i­ta­tions for Expec­tant Moth­ers

Cre­at­ing a Beau­ti­ful World Through Women and Children

Divine Par­ent­ing

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Divine Baby and Divine Par­ent­ing Forum

The Divine Baby Bless­ing and Con­scious Preg­nancy Prac­tices

“A mother can bring enlight­en­ment to the baby she’s car­ry­ing in her womb. She can make her child into a pure crys­tal divine soul. She can say prayers so the child’s soul will come out very strong, with a lot of clar­ity. If all moth­ers would do that, then such highly pow­er­ful peo­ple would be born. They would be glo­ri­ous, know­ing the truth and real­ity, no more depres­sion. Moth­ers can give that.” — Sri Kalesh­war

A Mother’s Divine Power

Preg­nancy Prac­tices, Prayers, and Med­i­ta­tions


A mother has a sacred con­nec­tion with her chil­dren through­out their lives, begin­ning even before her chil­dren are born. Just as a mother enhances her baby’s growth and well-​being with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, she can also enhance the baby’s spir­i­tual growth and well being by con­sciously pro­vid­ing divine ener­gies to her baby’s soul while it is in the womb. A mother has a unique power to develop her child’s soul when it is in the womb and she can bless her baby with many won­der­ful abil­i­ties as it is devel­op­ing through­out preg­nancy.

From ancient spir­i­tual prac­tices from the palm leaf man­u­scripts of India, there are ways you, as a mother, can pow­er­fully develop your child’s soul as it is grow­ing in your womb. You can trans­mit pow­er­ful divine energy to your baby dur­ing preg­nancy and through­out your child’s life through these sacred and sim­ple prac­tices, prayers, and med­i­ta­tions for moth­ers, as well as pre-​conception tech­niques.

These tools awaken the high­est spir­i­tual energy and con­scious­ness in a baby’s soul. They strengthen, pro­tect and empower the baby’s soul to reach its fullest poten­tial. These gifts enhance all of the soul’s pos­i­tive attrib­utes, and cre­ate a pow­er­ful aware­ness and con­nec­tion to the Divine. Chil­dren with these bless­ings eas­ily develop clar­ity, love, hap­pi­ness, and very strong abil­i­ties to ful­fill her or his high­est poten­tial.

Whether you are a first time par­ent or an estab­lished fam­ily you will gain invalu­able insight and last­ing ben­e­fits from any and all of these pow­er­ful ancient prac­tices for mod­ern fam­i­lies.

What is a Divine Baby and a Divine Child?


Every child is divine, but the divin­ity in each one of us needs to be devel oped for it to be real­ized. A mother has a unique power to develop her child’s soul when it is in the womb. Preg­nancy is a very spe­cial time that you can use to bring out the divin­ity already within your baby through the prac­tices, prayers, and med­i­ta­tions that trans­mit divine ener­gies to a baby’s soul dur­ing this sacred time.

Babies who received these ener­gies in the womb will be blessed with hap­pi­ness, con­fi­dence, clar­ity, a lov­ing peace­ful nature, pres­ence of mind and strong intu­itive abil­ity. They will be born as an alert and daz­zling, shin­ing crys­tal soul.

The divine shines through a divine child very pow­er­fully. The light of these children’s souls is so strong that they have a great capac­ity to light the way for oth­ers.

Sacred Tools Avail­able to Moth­ers

Preg­nancy Prac­tices, Prayers, and Med­i­ta­tions for Expec­tant Mothers


You can use the sacred time of preg­nancy to nur­ture your baby’s divine qual­i­ties with beau­ti­ful and easy steps. Through these sacred tools you are com­mu­ni­cat­ing with your baby’s soul and devel­op­ing your baby in a way only a mother can. These prac­tices can be used in com­bi­na­tion with any reli­gious or spir­i­tual tra­di­tion you prac­tice, and we invite you to work with them and expe­ri­ence the bless­ings they bring to you, your baby, and your fam­ily.

The Divine Baby Bless­ing Energy Trans­mis­sion

The Divine Baby Bless­ing is the most pow­er­ful energy trans­mis­sion a mommy-​to-​be can receive to give beau­ti­ful spir­i­tual bless­ings to your baby’s soul while it is in the womb. The Divine Baby Bless­ing is given in one short energy trans­mis­sion (shak­ti­pat) dur­ing any stage of preg­nancy by a Sai Shakti Teacher/​Healer. This bless­ing empow­ers your womb chakra, awak­en­ing divine energy within you, and works through you to enhance the pos­i­tive attrib­utes of your divine baby’s soul.

After receiv­ing the Divine Baby Bless­ing you do not need to use any of the other sacred prayers or tools, though any prac­tices you do in addi­tion to receiv­ing this energy trans­mis­sion will f urther empower and develop the bril­liant light of your baby’s soul.

If you are expect­ing and would like to receive the Divine Baby Bless­ing Trans­mis­sion please con­tact holywomb@​divinelineage.​org to speak with a Sai Shakti Teacher/​Healer in your area. Daddies-​to-​be and sib­lings are wel­come to join this beau­ti­ful process to receive a spe­cial fam­ily bless­ing with you!

Con­scious­ness Preg­nancy Prac­tices and Prayers

A mother can trans­mit divine ener­gies to her baby’s soul directly through sacred prayers at dif­fer­ent stages of preg­nancy. When you are car­ry­ing a baby in your womb, your soul and your baby’s soul are merged within your body. This spe­cial con­nec­tion gives you the most pro­found oppor­tu­nity to pos­i­tively influ­ence and enhance your baby’s soul.

Prayers to Use After Your First Trimester

Start­ing around 101 days, after the first trimester, a mother can talk to her baby’s soul and begin to give her baby direct soul-​to-​soul spir­i­tual train­ing. This is what the saints and sages prac­ticed, includ­ing Mother Mary, while she was car­ry­ing Jesus in her womb.

Two of these sacred prayers are the Nine Arrows and the Gay­a­tri mantras. You can use them any­time after the first trimester and through­out your preg­nancy. They give a strong pro­tec­tion energy and inner strength and willpower to pro­tect from neg­a­tive influ­ences, con­fu­sion, heart­break, sad­ness and depres­sion. As a mother you have the direct chan­nel to your baby’s soul dur­ing preg­nancy. Your inner con­nec­tion is truly divine.

To learn the Nine Arrows and Gay­a­tri Mantra Prayers please con­tact holywomb@​divinelineage.​org to speak with a Sai Shakti Teacher/​Healer.

Prayers to Use Any­time Dur­ing Your Preg­nancy and at the Time of Birth

Any lov­ing prayer a mother does dur­ing preg­nancy pow­er­fully blesses her child’s soul. This is because of the spe­cial mother-​to-​child, soul-​to-​soul, rela­tion­ship they share through the holy womb chakra. You can pray for what you would like your baby to have dur­ing her life, and the beau­ti­ful, divine qual­i­ties you would like her to posses. If you heart­fully pray your wishes for your baby at least 59 times right before you deliver, it has an extra­or­di­nary effect. By con­sciously uti­liz­ing the cre­ative energy flow­ing between you and your baby dur­ing preg­nancy and birth, you can pos­i­tively develop your baby to be very lov­ing, happy, bril­liant and a highly capa­ble divine child.


Any heart­felt prayer in your own words will be pow­er­ful. A prayer you could use dur­ing preg­nancy is:

“Right now, I’m giv­ing great­est wis­dom to my child. Right now, I’m giv­ing great­est good for­tune to my child. Right now, I’m giv­ing great­est knowl­edge to my child. Right now, I’m giv­ing the strongest enlight­en­ment chan­nel to my child. Right now, I’m bless­ing mok­sha (lib­er­a­tion) to my child. Right now I’m giv­ing the chan­nel to God to my child. I’m com­mand­ing on God to give that.” — Sri Kalesh­war

The moment a child is first com­ing into the world is a spe­cial yogic time for the soul. This prayer could also be used dur­ing deliv­ery to give pow­er­ful pro­tec­tion and bless­ings to your baby’s soul. As a mother, you have the full power and author­ity to lov­ingly com­mand on your child’s soul any­time and giv­ing your prayers to your baby the moment she or he is born is espe­cially holy and pow­er­ful.

Divine Prac­tices for Pre-​Conception, Con­cep­tion, and a Healthy Preg­nancy

Preg­nancy is a time of beau­ti­ful changes on all lev­els of a woman’s being, phys­i­cally, emo­tion­ally, men­tally and spir­i­tu­ally. Often the phys­i­cal changes and chal­lenges you face can over­shadow your expe­ri­ence of the deep inter­nal process of the mir­a­cle of cre­ation hap­pen­ing within you. It is the per­fect time to allow your­self to nav­i­gate and enjoy the rich inner cur­rent of your con­nec­tion to the cre­ation energy and to make time to enjoy your jour­ney of trans­for­ma­tion and dis­cov­ery. These prac­tices, with the sup­port avail­able from a skilled guide, nur­ture and con­nect you to your own soul’s guid­ance as well as the soul devel­op­ment of your baby.

  • Pre-​conception Prac­tices
  • Sup­port­ing Con­cep­tion and Fer­til­ity
  • Healthy Preg­nancy and Birth
  • Clear­ing Stress for Mother or Baby
  • Sim­ple Tech­niques for Releas­ing Stress
  • Help for More Seri­ous Dif­fi­cul­ties
  • Bless­ing Your Baby’s Soul Dur­ing the Birthing Process

Learn more about these ancient tech­niques and bless­ings for your chil­dren by con­tact­ing us at holywomb@​divinelineage.​org .

Cre­at­ing a Beau­ti­ful World Through Women and Chil­dren

It is through the heal­ing power of moth­ers and their chil­dren com­ing into the world today that the con­scious­ness on the globe will change. After ten, twenty, thirty years of moth­ers imple­ment­ing sim­ple prac­tices and med­i­ta­tions, a new age will emerge. The chil­dren will bring such a lov­ing, friendly nature to the planet; they will be charm­ing and highly capa­ble from birth. These chil­dren will do won­ders in the world and bring about a more peace­ful, lov­ing, under­stand­ing, kind and com­pas­sion­ate soci­ety.

Divine Par­ent­ing

Nur­tur­ing the Divin­ity in Your Baby and Child Dur­ing Every Stage of Life

Divine Par­ent­ing is par­ent­ing with a focus on nur­tur­ing, pro­tect­ing and strength­en­ing your child’s soul devel­op­ment through the spe­cial soul-​to-​soul con­nec­tion you share. In divine par­ent­ing you are devel­op­ing both your soul energy and the soul energy of your child to help her live con­sciously and nav­i­gate life’s chal­lenges with ease and divine con­nec­tion. A mother is the great­est healer for her child. They share a spe­cial, eter­nal bond. A mother’s love and prayers bring the high­est heal­ing and pro­tec­tion for her chil­dren. A father’s love, too, has a very spe­cial role in nur­tur­ing, pro­tect­ing, and tak­ing care of the soul vibra­tions to sup­port the mother and the entire fam­ily. The easy-​to-​use ancient med­i­ta­tion prac­tices from the palm leaf man­u­scripts con­nect you to divine chan­nels of energy to guide your child’s soul devel­op­ment and your soul rela­tion­ship through­out all stages of life, and help your whole fam­ily flour­ish per­son­ally and soul­fully.

Divine Baby, Con­scious Preg­nancy and Divine Par­ent­ing — Forum

Wel­come! The Divine Baby and Divine Par­ent­ing Forum is a place to receive sup­port, dis­cuss what you are expe­ri­enc­ing, share sto­ries, ask ques­tions and talk about all things related to your Divine Babies and Divine Chil­dren!


“I received the gift of the Divine Baby Bless­ing when I was preg­nant with my daugh­ter, Elsa, who is now nearly 18 months old. Elsa is undoubt­edly a remark­able per­son. She has an incred­i­bly strong and pos­i­tive pres­ence in this world. From the day she was born she has had an astute aware­ness of the world around her. Peo­ple are smit­ten with her. I am so glad and so grate­ful that you shared this gift with us”


“Your calm pres­ence dur­ing the Divine Baby Bless­ing was lovely. Our child is sim­ply radi­ant. He is sweet, com­mu­nica­tive, and open. He is alert and aware of the world around him. We feel very bonded to our child; we have found joy and strength in our jour­ney together.”


“What hap­pens when a mother is car­ry­ing a baby in her womb? After three and four months the soul is com­ing, then for nine months what is really going on in there? Is the baby just sim­ply sleep­ing or in a deep trance med­i­ta­tion? What’s going on? This is a very impor­tant stage. The baby’s soul is start­ing to med­i­tate in the mother womb.When it’s grow­ing in the mother’s womb, all the knowl­edge is flow­ing to the child’s soul. Then that soul knows exactly the pur­pose and hur­dles they’re going to face in their life. They come out as a Divine Soul. When a Mother’s grow­ing a baby in her womb, that’s the best time for her to give shak­ti­pat and bring enlight­en­ment to her child.”

—Sri Kalesh­war

“Such babies, if the moth­ers imple­ment it, from today onwards on this planet, after fif­teen, twenty, thirty years later – every per­son will become such a lov­ing char­ac­ter. A new yuga (era), with a very friendly nature. You can stop amaz­ing crazy vio­lence. The chil­dren can stop it. From the birth, they’ll be charm­ing like that. That’s the part the mother has to do — small steps.”

—Sri Kalesh­war



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