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Vis­it­ing the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Center

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2piclinka-MiraculousAtmaLingam2A Mirac­u­lous Creation

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A Place of Nat­ural Brahma Con­scious­ness and Mir­a­cle Energy
The His­tory and Devel­op­ment of the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter

“This is the place of mir­a­cle energy. You have no idea what energy is behind any tree. The stat­ues will bleed. Around this area here there is no chance any neg­a­tive spirit can come.” — Sri Kaleshwar


1webpic-ShivaShaktiPowerSpot300pxA Place of Nat­ural Brahma Con­scious­ness

After the Dat­ta­treya statue was installed Sri Kalesh­war con­tin­ued the pro­found teach­ings on Brahma Con­scious­ness he had begun dur­ing his last visit. He spoke for the first time about the mys­tery of Mother Divine’s womb, the cre­ative power of the uni­verse, and how to use Yoga Nidra to return to Her womb to rec­og­nize who you are.

After his talk, he expressed sur­prise that he had released this infor­ma­tion. “How did that hap­pen? Nor­mally, it’s only per­mit­ted to teach this knowl­edge to those who have had ten years’ med­i­ta­tion expe­ri­ence.” The vibra­tions lit­er­ally pulled the knowl­edge from him. He said that this was a nat­ural power spot and a nat­ural place of Brahma Con­scious­ness. It was here that seri­ous stu­dents would do spir­i­tual prac­tices, high-​shakti processes and have ­enlight­en­ment expe­ri­ences. He called it a Dwarka­mai. “This is the place of mir­a­cle energy. You have no idea what energy is behind any tree. The stat­ues will bleed. Around this area here there is no chance any neg­a­tive spirit can come.”

5webpic-PlaceOfMiracleEnergy668pxA Place of Mir­a­cle Energy

After his talk, Sri Kalesh­war met pri­vately with the Atma Lingam group and ­instructed them to retrieve the Shiva Lingam that had been put in the lake six months ear­lier. They retrieved it from the lake, mak­ing sure that the ves­sel with the lingam didn’t touch the ground. They placed it in front of the newly installed Dat­ta­treya statue.

It was a very sacred and inti­mate moment as Sri Kalesh­war reached his hand into the ves­sel. He pulled out the orig­i­nal Emer­ald Shiva Lingam. Then he showed gen­uine sur­prise, exclaim­ing qui­etly, “It changed!” He put his hand back in the ves­sel and brought out another one, then he put his hand back in and brought out a third one! The Shiva Lingam had split into three ­iden­ti­cal lingams of dif­fer­ent col­ors. One was emer­ald, one was cat’s eye, and one was an unknown sub­stance. Sri Kalesh­war was quiet for awhile. The Divine Mother had sur­prised him, tak­ing the seed of energy that he cre­ated and mirac­u­lously changed it into some­thing even greater. Then he said, “This is Tryam­bakesh­wara energy. There’s only one other place on the planet that has this vibra­tion and that is in ­Tryam­bakesh­wara in Nasik.”

Nasik is one of the Kumbha Mela sites in India. The tem­ple in Tryam­bakesh­wara has one of the twelve jyotir­lingams of India. The extra­or­di­nary fea­ture of this lingam is that on it there are three lingams/​three faces rep­re­sent­ing Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, which is Dat­ta­treya. ­Remark­ably, there is a nat­ural abishek that is ­con­stantly occur­ring on the lingam, from a sacred pond where the River Ganga takes her route to the rest of India. Both the Mother Ganga and Lord Shiva are together here. Tryam­bakesh­wara is also a Shiva/​Shakti power spot.

Sri Kalesh­war spoke more about the astrol­ogy of this land and the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter, reveal­ing that it was the power spot for the water ele­ment on the planet now. Even­tu­ally, he had the three Tryam­bakesh­wara Lingams put back into the lake. Dur­ing that process he linked this power spot to Penukonda, Shirdi, Sri Sailam, Tiru­pati and Kalahasti.



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