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The Power of Read­ing Baba’s Sto­ries

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Shirdi Sai Baba — A Mirac­u­lous Avad­hut

The Guid­ance, Love and Sup­port of Shirdi Baba

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Sri Sai Satchar­i­tra
A Mod­ern Ren­der­ing of a Clas­sic Spir­i­tual Text


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The Power of Read­ing Baba’s Sto­ries

“If a man utters my name with love, I shall ful­fill all his wishes and increase his devo­tion. If he sings earnestly of my life and my deeds, I shall sur­round him in front and back and on all sides. Those devo­tees who are attached to me heart and soul will nat­u­rally feel hap­pi­ness when they hear these sto­ries. Believe me, if any­body sings my lee­las I will give him infi­nite joy and ever­last­ing hap­pi­ness.”

Donate to Help Trans­late the Sri Sai Satchar­i­tra

Cur­rently, an effort is under­way to trans­late the Sai Satchar­i­tra into dif­fer­ent lan­guages to be made avail­able free of charge. You can help this, and other projects, to bring the real­ity of Sai Baba’s life and teach­ings to the world, by donat­ing here. All dona­tions are tax deductible.

Shirdi Baba Slideshow

Shirdi Sai Baba — A Mirac­u­lous Avad­hut

The avad­hut lives in the aware­ness of Aham Brah­masmi — every­thing is God. They are one with all of Cre­ation. They are in the aware­ness of this ulti­mate real­ity even while liv­ing in a body. They are a lit­tle off from this planet. They are out­side the bound­aries of time and space yet are com­pletely present to every­thing that is tak­ing place. They have sankalpam sid­dhi – – what they say hap­pens. What­ever they say comes to pass. They have a spe­cial rela­tion­ship with the Nature; they can com­mand on the Nature. They can make the rain start and the wind stop or make fire appear out of the earth as Baba did with his mirac­u­lous stick. Or turn water into oil using the spit from his mouth. Baba was the supreme mirac­u­lous mas­ter, mir­a­cles hap­pened spon­ta­neously around him all the time. They are still hap­pen­ing today.

The Guid­ance, Love and Sup­port of Shirdi Baba

He is watch­ing over the entire uni­verse and each and every one of us. To under­stand the mys­tery of Sai is our bless­ing and our way. Through lis­ten­ing to and med­i­tat­ing on his life and his lee­las our false under­stand­ing is removed and we rec­og­nize that we are one with him and all that is. There is no greater bliss than to expe­ri­ence his love and liv­ing pres­ence among us.

The divine sto­ries of Baba’s life, his lee­las, are inscrutable, mirac­u­lous and amaz­ing. We can lis­ten to the orig­i­nal sto­ries of his life, and rec­og­nize that he is cre­at­ing new sto­ries now, new lee­las in each of our lives. He is the Direc­tor. He is the real Doer. Sri Kalesh­war loved to say that Baba cre­ates the prob­lem, then cre­ates the solu­tion. He is at work in each of our lives cre­at­ing the sit­u­a­tions we need to learn the spir­i­tual qual­i­ties of faith, patience, devo­tion, for­bear­ance, gen­eros­ity, humil­ity, dis­pas­sion, dis­crim­i­na­tion and ego­less­ness. His sim­ple words to his devo­tees dur­ing his life who were both Mus­lim and Hindu – -don’t fight. He loved all equally and taught that all are equal. He, as the sadguru, is here to remove the igno­rance that you are dif­fer­ent from him, that you are sep­a­rate. You are not dif­fer­ent from God. You are Divine. You are God. After he ful­fills your needs and desires, he cre­ates faith in you that leads you to the aware­ness of that ulti­mate real­ity, where there is no dif­fer­ence between you. You are the Supreme Con­scious­ness, the same as he.

Every­thing can be gained by think­ing on Baba. When we focus on him, he is there. He wants us to read his sto­ries, that was his instruc­tion to us. He demon­strated to the devo­tees over and over through his innu­mer­able lee­las that he was indeed omni­scient. He knew every­thing about every­one, as he knows every­thing about each of us.

Read­ing the Sri Sai Satchar­i­tra: An Act of Prayer at Baba’s Feet

By William Song, co-​editor of the new ren­der­ing of the Sri Sai Satchar­i­tra

What would each of us not give to be able to be in the pres­ence of Baba and to speak to him? To have him speak to us? When one enters into this book deeply, that is exactly what is hap­pen­ing. You are with Baba. This book is alive. His con­scious­ness is in the words. And when you approach the book with still­ness you’re not approach­ing the book through men­tal activ­ity, rather you’re let­ting your entire body ener­get­i­cally absorb the life force of his words and the life force of con­scious­ness. Dur­ing these peri­ods of sus­tained immer­sion with the energy of the book, I really real­ized that to open your heart and to be with this book is lit­er­ally to be hav­ing your head at Baba’s feet. That you are lit­er­ally, imme­di­ately in his pres­ence, within his con­scious­ness and allow­ing his con­scious­ness to flood in, in place of your own egoic con­scious­ness and that is a state of pure bliss. more…

Audio Record­ing of ‘Read­ing the Sri Sai Satchar­i­tra: An Act of Prayer at Baba’s Feet’

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Being with Shirdi Sai Baba

By William Song, Octo­ber 3, 2014 Inau­gu­ra­tion, Shirdi Sai Baba Tem­ple

Upcom­ing Sri Sai Satchar­i­tra Events

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“It will be a Yuga of love. A Yuga of under­stand­ing one another, lov­ing each other, com­mu­ni­cat­ing with each other, being truth­ful, hon­est, sin­cere, show­ing sym­pa­thy, mercy and kind­ness to each other… In the Sai Yuga, every­one will be sym­pa­thetic, kind and very spir­i­tual. Every­one will want to know about God, and love, and to under­stand each other. It will be very easy to find God because Shirdi Baba will be work­ing with everyone.”

—Sri Kalesh­war


It will be very easy to attain enlight­en­ment. The way to God in the Sai Yuga is Baba’s nature — ser­vice. Love all, serve all, to see human­ity as one, to see every human as good, and to make peo­ple happy.

—Sri Kalesh­war

Included in the new ren­di­tion of the Sri Sai Satchar­i­tra is art­work by artists inspired by Baba.


Orig­i­nal art by William Song


Orig­i­nal art by Christinea John­son


Orig­i­nal art by Robin Stray­horn


Orig­i­nal art by William Web­ster

SSS-3 Orig­i­nal art by Andreas Bittmann


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