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The Nature as Guru — Guru Purn­ima 2013: Pro­gram Slideshow

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Pro­gram Sum­mary

Expe­ri­enc­ing the Love and Pres­ence of the Divine Lin­eage
The Nature as Guru was a 2-​½ day retreat that took place Sun­day, July 21st — Tues­day, July 23rd. It was a joy­ous gath­er­ing of many blessed, lov­ing, divine souls. Guru Purn­ima is the most aus­pi­cious day of the year to con­nect to and receive bless­ings from the mas­ter. This was a time to deepen our con­nec­tion to the divine lin­eage of mas­ters that includes Sri Kalesh­war, Shirdi Baba, and Jesus Christ. There were teach­ings, bha­jans (devo­tional singing), and high divine energy processes and expe­ri­ences. One aim of this pro­gram was to directly expe­ri­ence the master’s pres­ence with us.

The retreat took take place at the Divine Lin­eage Cen­ter out­side of Lay­tonville, Cal­i­for­nia in Men­do­cino County. Sit­u­ated in a beau­ti­ful remote for­est, a 3-​hour drive north of San Fran­cisco, the deep silence and pris­tine nature vibra­tions sup­port spir­i­tual trans­mis­sion and med­i­ta­tion. This pro­gram was offered in per­son as well as remotely.

A New Divine Con­scious­ness is Emerg­ing
The world is chang­ing. The high pos­i­tive is being reborn. The dra­matic events increas­ing through­out the world are reflec­tions of Mother Divine’s birth pains as a new divine con­scious­ness is emerg­ing. As this con­scious­ness devel­ops in you, your rela­tion­ship to every­thing in the cre­ated world – the Nature – changes. Your influ­ence on the world grows. Your inter­ac­tion with the Nature becomes more imme­di­ate and alive. Nature responds more directly to your thoughts and actions. Nature – all of life – becomes the supreme teacher reflect­ing back to you in each moment. At this stage, life spon­ta­neously brings what you need and what you need to learn. The world around you becomes a source of infi­nite pos­si­bil­ity. You can impact the world and receive any­thing from it in any moment.

Rec­og­niz­ing the Nature as Guru
The key to this con­scious­ness stage is Dat­ta­treya, a form of the Divine Father. Dat­ta­treya is the supreme mas­ter, the guru of gurus. All gurus are a man­i­fes­ta­tion of the ‘one guru prin­ci­ple’ who is referred to in the ancient Vedic wis­dom as Dat­ta­treya. He is the Uni­ver­sal Mas­ter. Jesus Christ, Shirdi Baba and Sri Kalesh­war were supreme embod­i­ments of the Dat­ta­treya energy.

This divine lin­eage of mas­ters each had a per­sonal rela­tion­ship with the Divine Mother. Dat­ta­treya rec­og­nizes an aspect of Her, the Nature, as guru. It is through the Nature that he learns the mys­tery of Her cre­ation. In this way, Dat­ta­treya real­izes the Divin­ity in the world around him and the bliss in its infi­nite forms.

In this age, only Dat­ta­treya can han­dle and calm the wild Nature. As the Mother’s Nature becomes calm, the world will change and human­ity will receive Her bliss­ful nec­tar. Sri Kalesh­war said, “The Mother is chang­ing Her Nature through Her rela­tion­ship with the stu­dents of the Parampara (lin­eage of mas­ters).” These divine souls are now lead­ing us deeper into our own per­sonal rela­tion­ship with the Mother. To do this, we have to expe­ri­ence the Nature as the mas­ters do.

“Your Swami’s soul pres­ence every full moon for thou­sands of years – – it’s my sankalpam – – I’ll visit on the soul level to the Lay­tonville place. In the future, who­ever comes to that place, every full moon they’ll receive the bless­ings; they’ll receive the ini­ti­a­tions. That cen­ter is going to be most pow­er­ful, most pow­er­ful, most pow­er­ful and shak­ti­ful place. Try to keep the vibra­tions beau­ti­fully. That’s everybody’s – all of America’s – job to pro­tect that place in a beau­ti­ful way. Thank you so much my dear divine souls.”
—Sri Kaleshwar

Sri Guru Dattatreya

Sri Guru Dat­ta­treya
Divine Lin­eage Cen­ter, Lay­tonville, CA

“In the entire 365 days, Guru Purn­ima is a very, very spe­cial day to get the boons from the mas­ter. Sup­pose the mas­ter died, passed away and the stu­dent is alone then he’s try­ing to hook some other mas­ter but his soul is not accept­ing. His master’s soul is attached to him. He’s sit­ting, doing med­i­ta­tion on Guru Purn­ima. At the time, what­ever prayers he’s doing, espe­cially on that day he’s receiv­ing incred­i­ble energy, incred­i­ble bless­ings from the mas­ter. Accord­ing to the Indian tra­di­tion, it is a spe­cial law that who­ever is com­pletely a devo­tional stu­dent doing his master’s prayers, they’ll get their desires fulfilled.”

—Sri Kaleshwar


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