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Surya Nadi and Chan­dra Nadi Processes
The His­tory and Devel­op­ment of the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter

“After you get shak­ti­pat from the Dat­ta­treya statue, you need to see what expe­ri­ence you’re going to have on the spot, what changes are com­ing in you. You need to see it.” — Sri Kaleshwar


8webpic-SuryaandChandra668Surya Nadi Process

“What­ever tiny prob­lems you have – rela­tion­ship, finan­cial, health, your nor­mal your small headaches, depres­sion, heart­bro­ken – those will be there for­ever. I’m com­ing to take care of that non­sense, that sim­ple stuff. I’m com­ing with tiger balm. I know how to heal your headache. But your soul ache, you require soul pain balm, soul pain cream. My dear divine souls, I’m com­ing to do one fire puja, the Surya puja and give a strong abil­ity expe­ri­ence in your life.” –Sri Kalesh­war

In 2009 Sri Kalesh­war paid his first visit to the Vat­i­can. Imme­di­ately after­wards, as he was dri­ving away he asked Nityaananda, “Can we do a pro­gram in ­Lay­tonville?” “Sure,” Nityaananda replied. “How soon?” he asked. “Maybe six weeks or a cou­ple of months?” Sri Kalesh­war said, “Let’s go this weekend!”

When Nityaananda asked, “Lay­tonville is very hard to get to, why Lay­tonville for the pro­gram?” Sri Kalesh­war said, “Because I want to get peo­ple used to going there.” Despite the short notice, four days later, two hun­dred and sev­enty peo­ple ­man­aged to come. Sri Kalesh­war released the Surya Nadi Process, one that had not been done since the time of Jesus. The high divine angelic energy was vis­i­ble in the pho­tos of the pow­er­ful fire puja.

dattatreyaChan­dra Nadi Process

“This heal­ing trans­mis­sion is recharg­ing and awak­en­ing your con­scious­ness, open­ing your third eye to make it com­pletely wash your mir­ror and remove the dust from your soul mir­ror, to see your­self and be very clar­ity in a big, full way. In all angles to be in satchi­tananda. You can live and be feel­ing the gas in your car more strongly and pow­er­fully and con­fi­dently can lead your life with­out any dis­tur­bance.” — Sri Kaleshwar

In Octo­ber of 2009, Sri Kalesh­war sent Monika and Nityaananda from Penukonda, India to give the Chan­dra Nadi ini­ti­a­tion at the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter. He gave more in-​depth instruc­tions about how to oper­ate this power spot, how to use the ­ele­ments and how to access the super­nat­ural energy in the Dat­ta­treya statue dur­ing the shakti processes.

Sri Kalesh­war spoke to the group on a con­fer­ence call from India, “So, my dear divine souls, hun­dreds of peo­ple gath­ered there in the beau­ti­ful nature, you’re receiv­ing shak­ti­pat means Datta likes you. He really loves you, oth­er­wise you wouldn’t show up there, oth­er­wise you couldn’t lis­ten to my talk today. Today is the most aus­pi­cious, pre­cious day in your life.”

He gave pro­found teach­ings on Dat­ta­treya and spoke for the first time on Maya Datta and Shakti Datta. It is through the guru that you can receive Datta ­con­scious­ness, which gives you pro­tec­tion from the strongest illu­sions of the Mother and enables you to see and ‘han­dle’ Mother Divine’s energy.

Dur­ing the Chan­dra Nadi process each per­son was to touch Dattatreya’s feet. Sri Kalesh­war said, “After you get shak­ti­pat from the Dat­ta­treya statue, you need to see what expe­ri­ence you’re going to have on the spot, what changes are com­ing in you. You need to see it.”

He pre­dicted that some peo­ple would have his dar­shan with­out his phys­i­cal ­pres­ence. Many did.

Surya and Chan­dra Nadi Ini­ti­a­tions are Now Available

For addi­tional infor­ma­tion or to receive these ini­ti­a­tions please con­tact programs@​divinelineage.​org.








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