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A Mirac­u­lous Cre­ation
The His­tory and Devel­op­ment of the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter

“The whole ­sys­tem of Cre­ation is in you but you don’t know it. You can do ­won­ders, but you don’t know that. How to get that expe­ri­ence?” — Sri Kaleshwar

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Green-JyotirLingham-668pxIn 2003, dur­ing a rare visit to Amer­ica, Sri Kalesh­war gave a pro­gram at the Noetic Sci­ences Insti­tute in Petaluma, Cal­i­for­nia. There he started the Atma Lingam Group, a med­i­ta­tion process group that would per­form all their processes in Amer­ica. For the next few years, the group con­tin­ued their prac­tices together.

In Novem­ber 2005, dur­ing Sri Kaleshwar’s next Amer­i­can tour, he spoke at the Uni­tar­ian Church in San Fran­cisco and unex­pect­edly announced, “I’m going to be in Lay­tonville next week­end and you’re all invited.” He can­celled his ­sched­uled ­pro­gram to Hawaii and gave many mirac­u­lous heal­ings at the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter con­cen­trat­ing on those with incur­able ­dis­eases. An ­over­whelm­ing divine energy emanated from the tem­ple where Sri Kalesh­war gave heal­ings to those who had come in wheel­chairs, on crutches or were car­ried in. Many left weep­ing, over­come with emo­tion, filled with pure divine love and renewed hope.

After the heal­ings, Sri Kalesh­war gave a teach­ing on Brahma Con­scious­ness. “The whole ­sys­tem of Cre­ation is in you but you don’t know it. You can do ­won­ders, but you don’t know that. How to get that expe­ri­ence?” he asked the group of stu­dents present.

He revealed a secret about the poten­tial hid­den in the Nature. “There are still ­amaz­ing divine souls – maharshis, gurus, sap­tar­ishis, divi atmas – in the Nature. They don’t want to go to their next life. They’re really just enjoy­ing in the ­Cos­mic. When you are in the phys­i­cal body open­ing cer­tain chan­nels you can ­com­mu­ni­cate with some divine souls.”

He revealed a process to pull divine souls to come and give bless­ings. “After ­fin­ish­ing 101 days, I want to make you prove this prayer mantra and this energy. We will cre­ate some­thing, like a beau­ti­ful cross, or beau­ti­ful statue, or make a beau­ti­ful form out of the rock, sculpt­ing it with your own hands. Your Swami will come and we will all just sit and chant. I will chan­nel those energy chan­nels. You can see what I am going to pull. The divine soul has to come in that statue or in that cross. It needs to prove the energy to us, make it bleed (cre­ate a divine heal­ing liq­uid). It means the divine soul is there, mak­ing it bleed while you’re observ­ing it. We’ll make some beau­ti­ful Shiva Lingam of rock. From that rock some beau­ti­ful ­fra­grance needs to bleed. Today we are going to do that process with 25 people.”

Sri Kalesh­war did a fire puja for those ­assem­bled and then spent the night at the Dat­ta­treya Tem­ple with the 25 Atma Lingam group ­mem­bers. With­out ­warn­ing, he sprung the group into ­action, split­ting it into three sub­groups, giv­ing instruc­tions about what had to be done by each of them. All three groups had their work cut out for them. ­Every­thing had to be done in 9 minutes.

Dur­ing the process, he man­i­fested an Emer­ald Shiva Lingam mirac­u­lously out of the river sand that had been spe­cially col­lected and pre­pared by the group.

This lingam was iden­ti­cal in look to the Emer­ald Shiva Lingam in the ­Dwarka­mai in Penukonda, only dif­fer­ent in size. The newly man­i­fested lingam had to receive abhishek with fresh cow’s milk then sub­merged in the lake within nine min­utes. On that cold mid­night in Novem­ber, the lingam was put into a ves­sel and then sub­merged in the water. “It needs to adjust to the Cre­ation for some time,” Sri Kalesh­war said. He was jubilant.

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