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Mother Divine Dar­shan — Mahesh­wari Process
The His­tory and Devel­op­ment of the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter

“The globe is so hun­gry; you need to take care of the soci­ety. Cre­ate peace and wis­dom there. Try to give amaz­ing love, immor­tal love, to every per­son who is attend­ing there as a unity. Show you are the stu­dents of Swami ­Kalesh­war.” — Sri Kaleshwar


6webpic-MotherDivineDarshan250pxIn 2007, an Amer­i­can tour was sched­uled for Sri Kalesh­war to teach from the Para­mesh­wari Yoga palm leaf book for the first time. Through the sacred for­mu­las given in this ancient palm leaf man­u­script it is pos­si­ble to have dar­shan of Mother Divine, to see Her in phys­i­cal form, and receive bless­ings directly from Her.

How­ever, instead of giv­ing the ini­ti­a­tions in per­son, he had Monika and Nityaananda give them, say­ing that his phys­i­cal pres­ence was not nec­es­sary. He would be in yoga samadhi in India and enter­ing into Monika and Nityaananda’s bod­ies through a yogic process and give the trans­mis­sions through them. There were Mahesh­wari ini­ti­a­tions in Los Ange­les and Santa Cruz. One hun­dred thirty of those ini­ti­ated went to India in March of 2008 and received Mother Divine’s dar­shan by Sri Kaleshwar’s grace.

In Sep­tem­ber 2008, there were two more Mother Divine ini­ti­a­tions at the Divine Lin­eage Cen­ter and in Cincin­nati, Ohio. “How your Swami pulled and man­i­fested Her (for Mahesh­wari Group mem­bers in India in March, 2008), again the same thing is going to hap­pen in Amer­ica, in Lay­tonville. There your for­est is very beautiful.”

Again Monika and Nityaananda gave these pro­grams under Sri Kaleshwar’s ­guid­ance. Dur­ing the ini­ti­a­tion in Lay­tonville, there were dra­matic symp­toms in Nature that reflected the power of this trans­mis­sion. Again Sri Kalesh­war was in yoga samadhi in Penukonda, India. After­wards, when shar­ing these symp­toms with him on the phone he said, “You ini­ti­ated the wild Mother. Her Nature is calm­ing down.” This was made pos­si­ble through the lov­ing and pro­tec­tive force of the Dat­ta­treya energy. He said that now many would have dar­shan of the Mother on the sacred land, because the Mother is now acces­si­ble through the alchemy that hap­pened then.

Mother-MaryIn this age, the Dat­ta­treya energy is the only energy that can calm down the wild Mother. He said Dat­ta­treya was oper­at­ing the cre­ation ener­gies of Mother ­Divine’s womb chakra on this Shiva/​Shakti power spot. He said, “In the future many peo­ple will have all kinds of dar­shan here. The Mother’s bless­ing is here.”

In a pri­vate video mes­sage Sri Kalesh­war sent before the ini­ti­a­tions, he said, “Amer­ica is your coun­try, your Mother coun­try. That’s your nation. The globe is so hun­gry; you need to take care of the soci­ety. Cre­ate peace and wis­dom there. Try to give amaz­ing love, immor­tal love, to every per­son who is attend­ing there as a unity. Show you are the stu­dents of Swami Kaleshwar.

Swami’s soul pres­ence every full moon for thou­sands of years – it’s my sankalpam – I’ll visit on a soul level to the Lay­tonville place. In the future, who­ever comes to that place, every Full Moon, they’ll receive the bless­ings. They’ll receive the ini­ti­a­tions. That cen­ter is going to be most pow­er­ful, most pow­er­ful, most ­pow­er­ful and shakti-​full place. So try to keep those vibra­tions beau­ti­fully, that’s everybody’s, every American’s job, to pro­tect that place in a beau­ti­ful way. Thank you so much, my dear divine souls.”

Mahesh­wari Ini­ti­a­tions are Now Available

For addi­tional infor­ma­tion or to receive these ini­ti­a­tions please con­tact programs@​divinelineage.​org.





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