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Vis­it­ing the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Center

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Dat­ta­treya Arrives
The His­tory and Devel­op­ment of the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter

“Datta is always ten steps ahead of me no mat­ter what I do!” — Sri Kaleshwar

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3webpic-Dattatreya250pxSri Kaleshwar’s next visit to the ­tem­ple was in May of 2006. Sri Kalesh­war did sur­pris­ing things here and this place sur­prised him too. Unbe­knownst to him, a statue of Lord Dat­ta­treya from India had been brought to the tem­ple in a large crate and was wait­ing to receive his blessing.

Sri Kalesh­war had arrived in the ­mid­dle of the night and didn’t see the statue until he looked out the win­dow the next morn­ing. He was amazed at the sight of Dat­ta­treya in front of his win­dow seat. “Datta is always ten steps ahead of me no mat­ter what I do!” he said delight­edly. Imme­di­ately he asked to see the woman who owned the statue. Dur­ing their meet­ing, she ­gra­ciously donated the statue and the Dat­ta­treya Tem­ple was born.

He told the group later, “This morn­ing I woke up and I felt I was in Penukonda. When I woke up today it took me 30 sec­onds to fig­ure out where I was. I’m seri­ous. It’s the first time in my life. That’s inter­est­ing that I started the process with you guys. ­Before I came here the statue was here.

That’s very inter­est­ing. It came from India. A lady bought it for her house for a process then she put it here. I asked her, “Hey, can we put it in the tem­ple?” She said yes. One-​and-​half years back she ordered it and it just arrived before I came. That’s some­thing different.”

A spe­cial process was then begun to install and enliven the Dat­ta­treya statue. Sri Kalesh­war had a fire started in the dhuni; the men were to bring the statue inside the tem­ple while the women were to chant Om Namah Shiv­aya. A few dozen men ­maneu­vered the heavy stone statue into the tem­ple while the women chanted loudly. Sri Kalesh­war kept the energy grow­ing stronger, direct­ing the women to chant, “Faster, faster, faster! Louder! Louder!” Through the rain and cold the chant­ing con­tin­ued. Amid the high energy and wild nature, Sri Kalesh­war was smil­ing and shout­ing direc­tions as an umbrella was held over him to pro­tect from the rain. Through divine grace, the statue was ­suc­cess­fully moved inside the temple.

Once in the tem­ple, Sri Kalesh­war directed the heavy statue to be moved slightly to the south. Finally, after some chal­leng­ing maneu­ver­ing the heavy statue was in the exact right posi­tion. Dur­ing that time Sri Kalesh­war did a yogic process called prana pratishta where he ­installed his soul energy into the statue. He gave a ­num­ber of life-​long dik­shas (rules) that needed to be ­fol­lowed to main­tain the energy of Dat­ta­treya: abisheks must be per­formed every New and Full moon with milk, cream and rose­wa­ter. A piece of amber and white cloth must always adorn him, and flow­ers and green­ery from the sur­round­ing Nature are to be placed around him ­when­ever pos­si­ble. The vibra­tions needed to be impec­ca­bly maintained.

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